Friday, March 11, 2011


Aaah, the joy of holidays. Bumming around the house, getting those unfinished tasks done, and conducting proper research for our kitchen renovation sure has been delightful. But this week I am especially grateful for...
  1. Beachhouses. There's nothing better than looking at different walls for a few days, which gives you a little more appreciation for the home you live in the other 359 days a week.
  2. Unexpected Guests. At a friend's funeral my hubby bumped into friends from his childhood. They haven't seen each other for four years, so ended up coming over for dinner. And while I type this hubby and his friend are playing guitars while his sister and I sing harmonies (and their mother sleeps in our spare room). It's been a night of laughter and reminiscing (and lots of tok pisin - the language they all speak). It reminds me of our life in Papua New Guinea.
  3. Fun photographic opportunities. When a friend asked us to contribue to the card for her husband's big birthday bash which will this weekend, we were able to create the madness that was this photograph (see above). I don't see my husband this animated very often. (And if you're wondering, yes - we're saying "Hooray!") Memories are made up of these silly moments.
Happy Grateful Day.

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