Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Our four year old boy Madison is our resident superhero. Well, actually a fireman super hero. He's obsessed with Fireman Sam, loves fire engines, and when we're not looking he even has his fireman strut, which is quite giggle worthy.

And since starting kinder he's started a little bit of a fireman craze. He's the head fireman and while everyone else climb up a low branched tree and meow like kittens, he goes off to save them all. (I know this because I've seen it in action and heard the other parents talk about it too. Apparently, there's lots of fireman chat at dinner time.)

Well, today after not being at kinder for a week, lots of his friends had missed The Fireman Boy and were excited to know that they could again be saved by him.

At pick up time, I asked him how his day at Kinder was.


"Did you play fireman today?

"Yes we did. But Mum, it was really boring."


"Well, because I'm tired of being the superhero. I want to be a kitten stuck up in a tree. But nobody wants to save me."

It's hard work being a superhero.