Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Life for me has been pretty exciting. I'm an adventurer. I'll try anything once. And I'm a bit of an adrenalin junkie.

I've camped, hiked and bungee jumped, waterskiied, snowskiied, and I still want to go in a hot air balloon, jump from a plane and well, lots of other fun and exciting adventures.

But there are those other things in which I have never done, because I have zero interest. And one of them is fishing.

And I confess it's not something I consciously sought out. You see, I compare fishing with gambling. One invests money in it. It takes up quality time away from your family. It is done in the hope of getting something back. But it's not guaranteed. In fact, it's more likely one goes home empty-handed than with the winnings.

In fact, I did mention this very matter to my husband as I watched him fish while we were on holidays this week. I was busy taking photographs, feeding the kids and entertaining them (as you do when your husband is fishing). But after a while the boys entertained themselves and there was only so many photographs I could take from the boat. So with nothing else to do, I found myself picking up a spare fishing rod. I think I even asked for some advice at that very insane moment.

Holding the equivalent of a stick isn't really that exciting, especially the line just bobs in and out of the water. Your hands smell like bait and I've always been a bit worried about losing an eye when casting the rod.

Thanks to modern technology (the fish finder) we placed ourselves in the midst of many fish. Our lines had nibbles, even bites, and we definitely had the odd big pull. It sure was addictive.

I didn't do it for long, but I did learn how to hook bait, cast a line properly and pull the line in. But there were no fish that night for dinner. And during the whole experience, I was even patient. And that, my friends, is the real reason for my indifference to fishing. It takes a personality type, and I'm not sure if I have it.

But I did try it this week. And I might even do it again.

Do you like fishing? What have you tried this week? Was it something that you might not have bothered trying before, or something you've been dying to do for a long time? Whatever it is, join in with those of us who have done something new this week. Whatever it may be!

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