Tuesday, March 15, 2011

how to celebrate a birthday in style

So, the big birthday date is looming. And it's approaching awfully quickly. And instead of wishing that the numbers weren't getting so jolly high, I'm getting proactive about it and making plans so when it arrives there's no last minute event, or even worse, nothing planned at all.

I'm not a party animal by any standards, but this birthday is probably one worth remembering. It's an '0' one. Yep. And there's no denial in the numbers at all.


But the problem is, what to do? It seems there is only one big birthday every ten or so years, but a million different ideas. It's like getting married. Should the wedding be at the beach, a church or in the garden? Black tie, formal or barefoot? So many options, only one (hopefully) big day.

So far, I've attended a few big birthday bashes, and as a result, here are some of the ideas floating around in my head:
  1. A whopping great big themed party, everyone invited (classy DJ included)
  2. Taking an overseas trip with my husband (sans children)
  3. A girls' weekend at a bed & breakfast
  4. A great big family brunch/lunch/dinner
  5. A mystery weekend with a few close friends
  6. Riding in a hot air balloon
  7. Jumping out of an airplane
See? Too many options, only one birthday (and a limited budget, I might like to add).

So, any wonderful ideas worth sharing? What did you do for your special birthday?