Saturday, March 05, 2011

fancy pants

Fancy Pants has gone nautical this week as we celebrate at our annual leave break at the Riveria Holiday Capital during what seems to be a coolish and windy time of year.

I've even gone with some horizontal navy stripes which I've never worn before (which just goes to show that I'm getting more game because of this Fancy Pants thing).

It was so windy my top was blowing around and just highlight all my favourite body bits. Yes, my muffin top which is blown (pun intended) out of proportion! But a nice close up of my new skinny belt which I had promised myself I'd buy a few Fancy Pants ago. And at $2.99, I couldn't say no!

These bangles (the whole set - on both wrists) for just $5 just go with everything. And how could they not? They're off white and silver. Fresh and neutral.

And here are my flares. They're back in fashion! I've had these for almost ten years now and it's so exciting that I can wear them again. My husband says they remind him of good times (probably when he was a teen in the 70's), but he assures me he meant the times with me before we had the little lads!

And sensible wedges. The perfect accessory to flares. Which makes me feel like I ought to be singing tunes to The Who in the back of a Sandman Panel Van.

But, back to the present... the water is here, the sand is here and the wind, well, you can be a bit jealous!

Do you live somewhere near the ocean or water? Or are you sweltering or wearing a jumper? No matter what you're doing or where you are, join in on this week's Fancy Pants. And remember to spread the word and invite others to join in too. 

Kymmie wears: TOP, JeansWest. JEANS, Gasp (funnily enough, that's what I did when I saw the price on these jeans a few year's back - but loving that I'm getting my money's worth). BELT, JeansWest (on sale $2.99!). MY SON'S FEDORA, Coles ($4). WEDGES, Witchery. BANGLES, Equip (the whole set of five for just $5). NAILPOLISH, Revlon Hushed Blush.

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