Sunday, March 13, 2011


It just goes to show that everyone has different taste. I bought this skirt seven years ago during a girls' weekend in Bali and fell in love with it immediately. But other's have stated their dislike for it.

"Didn't you have enough money to buy a whole skirt?"

"Did you make it yourself out of leftovers?"

"Didn't you have white cotton to sew it all together?"

The comments that have been made about this skirt are exactly the things I love about it. How the skirt is pieces of fabric sewn together haphazardly, how the hem is all jagged. I love the contrast stitching. To me, it's never gone out of fashion. I use to wear it with a loose bright green halter top (hung out), but now I tuck in a singlet (any colour matches) and wear a skinny belt (thanks to my new small stash of cheap waist accessories that I've never tried wearing before).

Of course, accessories include a white pair of wedges and some very futuristic nailpolish.

Even some red lippy and a splash of gloss.

And today, when I wore this outfit, the remarks were:

"How on earth do you wear such high heels?"

"Why would you wear white with young boys?"

While the first question is an easy one to answer (they're not that high, and are actually quite comfortable). The second one certainly is a good question. And I ask myself this very thing often. While constructive criticism is always valued at this place, it's never once stopped me from wearing this skirt!

What item of clothing do you love, but others don't? Have you had an excuse to dress up this week? All you have to do is follow me, add your Fancy Pants post below and add a link back to me in your post. You can also include the lovely button (below)Then pop over to visit other bloggers who are dressing up this week. As for me, I can't wait to see what you've put together (and what excuse you had to dress up).

SINGLET, Witchery (on sale).
SKIRT, Body & Soul (purchased in Bali, Indonesia for a small sum).
BELT, Dotti ($12.95).
WEDGES, Roc ($30).
NECKLACE, Equip ($5).
NAILPOLISH, Revlon Silver Screen.
LIP LINER, Avon Ultra Luxury in True Red.
LIP GLOSS, Witchery Maxi Lip Booster.

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