Sunday, March 13, 2011


It just goes to show that everyone has different taste. I bought this skirt seven years ago during a girls' weekend in Bali and fell in love with it immediately. But other's have stated their dislike for it.

"Didn't you have enough money to buy a whole skirt?"

"Did you make it yourself out of leftovers?"

"Didn't you have white cotton to sew it all together?"

The comments that have been made about this skirt are exactly the things I love about it. How the skirt is pieces of fabric sewn together haphazardly, how the hem is all jagged. I love the contrast stitching. To me, it's never gone out of fashion. I use to wear it with a loose bright green halter top (hung out), but now I tuck in a singlet (any colour matches) and wear a skinny belt (thanks to my new small stash of cheap waist accessories that I've never tried wearing before).

Of course, accessories include a white pair of wedges and some very futuristic nailpolish.

Even some red lippy and a splash of gloss.

And today, when I wore this outfit, the remarks were:

"How on earth do you wear such high heels?"

"Why would you wear white with young boys?"

While the first question is an easy one to answer (they're not that high, and are actually quite comfortable). The second one certainly is a good question. And I ask myself this very thing often. While constructive criticism is always valued at this place, it's never once stopped me from wearing this skirt!

What item of clothing do you love, but others don't? Have you had an excuse to dress up this week? All you have to do is follow me, add your Fancy Pants post below and add a link back to me in your post. You can also include the lovely button (below)Then pop over to visit other bloggers who are dressing up this week. As for me, I can't wait to see what you've put together (and what excuse you had to dress up).

SINGLET, Witchery (on sale).
SKIRT, Body & Soul (purchased in Bali, Indonesia for a small sum).
BELT, Dotti ($12.95).
WEDGES, Roc ($30).
NECKLACE, Equip ($5).
NAILPOLISH, Revlon Silver Screen.
LIP LINER, Avon Ultra Luxury in True Red.
LIP GLOSS, Witchery Maxi Lip Booster.

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  1. I reckon you look hot. Who cares what anyone says, you totally pull it off.


  2. gosh, you are a hot mama!
    i * puffy heart* this outfit ♥♥♥

  3. I know you don't do fancy pant for this reason - but you are gorgeous!! I love the shoes and think it all works together beautifully. However, I'm a bit of a fashion reject :O)

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  5. Just gorgeous although darlin you are so photogenic you could put on a hessian sack and still look wonderful ;]

  6. I think the skirt is gorgeous. I wear white jeans with two kids, two dogs and a gravel driveway.... All you need is Nappisan!!!

    You look great.

  7. Well, I love the skirt and how you mixed it with the black tank top and the fabulous accessories. This proves that it's really not just what you wear but how you carry and combine your clothes that define one's sense of style. You look lovely ;-)

  8. I agree with Kimmie, you truely are beautiful and could pull anything off.
    I love the skirt!! and well you know how I feel about your wedges and the pops of red set it off nicely :)

  9. some people don't know style, I sez. I love that white skirt and I ADORE contrast topstitching - I can put it on lots of stuff because I sew.

    What's wrong with wearing white with kids? We do laundry, don't they know?! The only time I changed my wardrobe was for breastfeeding and pregnancy.

  10. I love that look! You look gorgeous. I always wear white, even with a toddler. Crazy but they wash well.

  11. that's the beauty of wedges, they can be quite high but you don't feel like you're wearing high heels because they are so damn easy to walk in!!

    i actually loved that skirt [and i am so NOT a skirt person], it's very pretty and the contrast stitching is gorgeous.


  12. i kinda like the skirt but yes, the first thing I thought was "how on earth can you have a white item for seven years and it's still WHITE ?!"
    i am not a big fan of wedges though.
    my hate/love item is a pair of off white 18hole (kneehigh for me) Docs with scull and rose application that I lovelovelove (and my husband not so much) but just do not have the stomping occasion to take out anymore. that, and they are pretty much far too hot for SE Qld.

  13. Well miss double jointed elbow fancy pants (check out photo five ;) ) I happen to think the skirt is great! I completely agree that is a good classic that won't date in a hurry.
    What would they know about interesting items of clothing -they probably were males right?? Wearing westy shirts and jeans?? or stubbies??? he he.

    On another note, I am super jealous of your collar bones. Super jealous.

    I like the wedges too!

  14. I love your Fancy Pants posts, you have such great clothes.

  15. heehehe!!! i love this post, and well, you'll see when i get mine up and linked up the reason i'm chuckling along (oh boy we are similar!!!)

    I love this skirt too and i had a very similar white skirt that I bought in Bali too many many moons ago, it was white, and all uneven and had some lace stitched on in funny places. I loved wearing it, but sadly, it got too small, so it had to go!

    You're just stunning and sooooo photogenic! love the red skinny belt and the wedges of course are just divine. but the best is that killer smile ;-)

    happy week to you all

  16. I have a similar skirt which I got in Bangkok but sadly doesn't fit me now. I too delight on unusual stitching & unique designs. I was planning a trip to Maldon as you suggested but weather not permitting :( Soon I hope!

  17. my hubby used to have the loudest, coolest tie - almost american flagish in an abstract kind of way. We both loved it...but so many other people felt moved to express their dislike of it...but unfortunately for them that just made hubby wear it more!!
    And I love the contrasting stitching - just like orange stitching on blue's what makes the outfit!!

  18. What an awesome skirt, love the black stitch detail!

  19. Why would you wear white with KIDS full stop?! Not just boys. hehe. My girls get pretty dirty too. But yeah, why shouldn't we be able to dress up just because we have children. You look great, AGAIN but the skirt's so called 'flaws' make it special. It is so versatile. Hope you're enjoying your long weekend! :)

  20. Aren't people weird the things they think? That's all I have to say on the matter except I love that skirt! x

  21. I think the skirt (in fact the whole fancy pants outfit) looks gorgeous! Is that your vegetable garden in the background?? How did I miss that?! Georgie x

  22. I love the stitching too. You look great.

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  24. wow, really love the look!

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