Sunday, August 07, 2011

fancy pants

The weather has been fine in Melbourne. Sunny days, and even tshirt weather yesterday! Of course, it's been drizzly and cold today, but how nice is a bit of warm weather in August?

The favourite men in my life headed for a drive up to our favourite country spot - Castlemaine (near Daylesford). It was so lovely. A small play at the park, a meander over here, and a quick stop over there. And so relaxing.

As the sun was setting, we thought we would quickly take some snaps. I just love these photographs. I could eat those chubby cheeks.

It was nice to get out of my work boots. I feel like my errands and outings have been in my work gear, and it's just so nice to put on makeup and do my hair. Such a treat these days!

The weather is cooling down again, but I smell spring is just around the corner!

Did you get out of the house this weekend? Any excuse is reason enough to join up for Fancy Pants!

Why don't you linky up your Fancy Pants post below (yes, you need to have a photo in an outfit!) and add a link back to me in your post. You can also include the button belowThen pop over to visit other bloggers who are dressing up this week.

Kymmie wears: BLAZER, Ojay. TEE, Witchery (have I mentioned the fact that I need shares in this shop?). FLARES, Gasp. SHOES, Miss Shop. SCARF, Miss Shop. NECKLACE, Diva ($3!). RINGS, Diva ($3 for 3!). Madison wears: SHIRT/VEST, Pumpkin Patch. JEANS, Levi's. SHOES, Walnut Melbourne. COAT, Pumpkin Patch (on sale!!). Noah wears: SHIRT, Milkshake. VEST, Sprout. JEANS, Pumpkin Patch. SHOES, Gumboots. COAT, Pumpkin Patch (on sale!!).

a day in the life of us

And see this gorgeous girl? She totally cracks me up!