Friday, August 19, 2011


It's been the first week where invitations to 'check out the new kitchen' has begun. Hoards of visitors (well, maybe a few less than that) popped in during the week. And I was ready. Because I'd been christening all my kitchen stuff (like my new oven - oooh, and my first dishwasher, aaah) which results in lots baking and trying out new things! And so this week I am grateful for...
  1. Almond, pinenut, lemon + ricotta cake. This is the second time I've made this amazing cake, but in my new oven, it's so much better.
  2. Anzac biscuits. Once again, something I felt I could never make consistently. Turns out I might just be able to blame the old oven (aka The Modern Maid).
  3. Bread. From Scratch. Tonight with the minestrone soup (also made from scratch), I baked bread. Apart from feeling quite like a Goddess In The Kitchen (which I am, of course), I provided my family with a complete, wholesome, preservative-free, vegetarian meal. Which made me (and their tummies) very happy.
Is it too much to say how much I love food and baking?
* Pictured is the Orange Cake I also made this week. By the way, the boy in this photo is pretty yummy too!

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