Wednesday, August 31, 2011

look what came early... and blog day

I love the freaky warm weather we've been having lately. It's tricked all the plants, and our fruit trees are already flowering. Yet spring doesn't start until tomorrow.

Early fruit this year? I sure hope so!

And speaking of spring, isn't it wonderful to discover something new, something special?

Today is Blog Day and is there a better excuse to share the lovely blogs in our lives? Here are a few of the ones I'm loving right now:
  1. Strong Southerly. This girl has style and Good Chair For Monday. I just want to climb into them every week and have a nana nap. I love this girl!
  2. File Under "Miscellanous". If wanting a good giggle, Maybe Melody always has something cleverly written - whether it be a new song, or a funny way of sharing a great story. Even her "About Me" is beautifully written. Plus she's totally gorgeous. And really, really tall.
  3. Agnes' Pages. I've loved this blog for as long as I discovered other blogs were 'out there.' Short posts, gorgeous pictures, and always something to think about.
  4. My New Roots. Foodies, beware. Healthy, gorgeous photographs and beautifully illustrated. Don't visit on an empty stomach! Vegetarian food never looked so good.
  5. The Vegan Stoner. Hilarious food blog. So cute, so easy. And so delish!
  6. Diva Mum. A new blog by Naomi of Seven Cherubs fame. I love it, because I love wearable trinkets too!

Have all your trees started budding before spring? Will you share some blog love for Blog Day today too?