Friday, August 05, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... handsome tradies

When people say they packed everything but the kitchen sink, I now understand why. Because, without it at home, things get out of whack. The whole kitchen centres around the sink and running water. Where else do you peel your vegetables, wash your hands, do the dishes?

During our third week of renovations, we now have no kitchen. Or benches. Nothing. It's all been removed (except for my lovely polished floor!), and my dining room table has become the whole kitchen. So this week I'm super grateful for...
  1. The kitchen sink. And even though it might be another week or so before I have any plumbing in my kitchen, there won't be any taking for granted on running water ever, ever again.
  2. Handsome tradesmen*. Isn't it nice to appreciate something beautiful every now and then? When our electrician and his lovely apprentice started in our kitchen this week, it made me smile and appreciate youth in all its beauty.
  3. Playing the glad game. Call me Pollyanna, but lots of comments have come my way about how positive I've been considering things are a little 'unhinged' at home. Yes, renovating is hard. Yes, it's inconvenient. But just think about how great it will be when it's all finished. A little pain for a whopping gain. So worth it.
What are you grateful for? Join in the gratefulness here.

* I would have posted a picture of the cute electrician, but my stepdaughter said it might be considered stalking. You'll just have to take my word for it.