Friday, August 12, 2011


If loving my new kitchen makes me shallow, then let it be. But I can justify it really. After all, 80% of my waking hours at home are spent in the kitchen, so I want to love the space I'm in. And what isn't there to love about this?

 Or this?

Coffee anyone? (I don't actually drink it, but it's for the guests...)

Of course, there's still the dishwasher to be installed, the fridge, the tiles, painting the walls, a big new window...

... but we're definitely getting there. (Don't you love the guitar accessory? Styling by hubby).

So this week, I am grateful for...
  1. Beautiful living spaces. There is nothing more thrilling than a space that one wants to be in. And when the house is peaceful every night around midnight, I look at this space and appreciate every step its taken to get here.
  2. Storage. A huge pantry, wonderful big benches, big drawers. A place for everything, and everything in its place.
  3. My very own sexy plumber. Last week I talked about the cute electrician, but alas, none of this would have happened if my husband didn't get home after work to fix the plumbing (don't worry folks, he's registered), or 10:30pm at night after music practice, and put on his work clothes to varnish the floor. It just so happens he's pretty sexy too. I'm counting my blessings this week.
(Oh, and wondering what this living space looked like before? Look here.)

What are you grateful for? You're welcome to join in over at Maxabella's place too!