Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Maddy is 14 months old

There has been a resurgence of requests for more Madison pics. So here they are.

He has been quite 'helpful' in the renovating and likes to put his piece in where he can. This included lying down right on top of Dad when he was exhausted.

He is now in the full swing of walking/running/climbing and was able to achieve climbing to the top of a ladder, run into walls and walk out on the road.

Gosh, it's been fun.

renovation rescue

It's been absolutely ages since I blogged and I have a very good reason.

You know that show "Renovation Rescue" or in fact, any of those reality TV shows that have before and after. Well, that's us.

Except we didn't film anything or put it on TV for anyone to watch.

In an investment property, our last tenant left (read: evicted) and so we thought now was a good time to increase the value of our property, receive more rent and basically get this baby looking good!

So, for the past six weeks we have been busy little bees renovating this property.

Since we collect antiques (nothing younger than 19th century) this one needed some work. Most of you who know me, know that I am not really coordinated or skilled in anything like this. But we basically gave her a good reno including lovely new walls, new carpet, new bathroom, and new blinds. She's looking good.

The best bit: a lovely tenant who will care for her like we would.

Now we have returned to our own home which desperately needs a little upkeep herself...