Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello! Look who decided to brave the other side of the camera again?

Spring is here in all its glory and I'm excited! I've been getting out any colour other than black and wearing it with bold courage.

Because it was my birthday recently, I thought I could splurge on a new top or two for spring. Turns out I haven't bought anything since the beginning of autumn. It's been a conscious effort, and I'm so proud of myself. In the meantime, I've been making the most of what I have and mixing it to death.

Before children (and when the cash flow was slightly better), I found myself purchasing clothes more frequently, but ever since we've had the two little lads (and lived in some pretty isolated places), I found that I buy a few things in one shopping sitting, and then don't shop again for ages.

Kind of like my husband when I think about it. He won't buy anything for six months, then purchase all of his winter gear in one hit, and when the weather gets warmer, another hit.

Sometimes I put on an outfit and think to myself how long I've been wearing those items, and still can because they've been timeless. Like the necklace I'm wearing. It's six years old. The cutoffs (that use to be jeans). They're four years old. The sunnies? Seven years old.

One word: smug.

When was the last time you bought some clothes? Do you ebb and flow like me, or trickle your purchases throughout the year?

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Friday, October 28, 2011


A few weeks' back, I realised that time was zooming by too quickly. Not only was I too busy to stay on top of everything, but I hadn't spent the time getting into the right head space to just enjoy my family.

So, I changed my focus, and there's been lots of playtime at our place recently. Not only have I stopped to smell the roses, I've actually picked them from the garden and put them in vases around the house. And played with the lads too.

So this week, I'm grateful for:
  1. Fresh flowers. They look amazing and the house smells so fresh and new. What's not to love about fresh flowers. Makes me want to throw my pretty-but-not-real flowers around my home in the garbage.
  2. Tickles and giggles. Does anyone tire of hearing the happiness that accompanies a child's giggles when they're bursting for breath from the endless tickling? (Me neither.)
  3. Late nights. Okay, I'm not usually grateful for late nights, but there's been a bit of restless sleeping around these parts with deadlines taking over my dreams during the night (more like nightmares). But with working some big hours this week, it seems I've finished at least one project and put two others into the almost finished marker. So, I'm back in the game and feeling less overwhelmed. Sometimes so sad, but always so very necessary.

What are you grateful for today?

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Thursday, October 27, 2011


You don't mean to, but before your baby bump is swelling and you're still in the blissful state of nausea and fatigue, you make promises of how motherhood is going to be for you.

For me, I was never going to lose my cool, never raise my voice, always be considerate of my child's feelings, be patient and kind, and keep the house perfect.

Dreams, really.

Then there are other things you say you'll never do, then find yourself doing them. And saying things like, "I'm never going to put those ugly Crocs on my children's feet. Ever!"

But when the imitations look as good as the real thing and you find them for just $1.99 at Aldi, you might think that they're a good idea.

Besides, they're so easy to put on after years of doing up slippery shoelaces and sandle buckles. And they're light, waterproof, easier to walk in than thongs, and the lads love them.

What can I say?

(Okay then, I might actually learn to like them. )

Have you tried something new this week? It might be as major as eating your words, or as small as changing the route on your morning walk.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


With Christmas approaching faster than the speed of time, I remembered how valuable it was when last year, some of my favourite bloggers shared gift ideas that they loved.

I'm the ultimate bad gift buyer, but I've got a secret to share, because I know how busy you are too.

Check these out! I just purchased two of these personalised bookmarks for my son's kinder teachers. Aren't they so cute? And at just $20 (including delivery), they're the perfect teacher's gift.

And perhaps they'd be okay for your local bookworm as a Christmas gift? Or great aunt, or grandpa too?

And how about these adorable spoons? Is there a new baby in your circle?

Or how about a Christmas gift, just for you?

Tildys does all sorts of personalised lovelies and if you get in before the end of October, Tildys will guarantee it arrives before Christmas.

Don't just sit there... visit Tildys for some more beautiful finds!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Underwear at all times of the day [and night] is absolutely essential.

Even over nappies.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Spring may (or may not) be the time to lose your blojo, but I think mine disappeared at the exact same time the warm weather arrived. Suddenly, I can dry clothes outside again, and watch my lads in their cubby house, playing in their sandpit, riding their scooters and bikes.

So this week, I'm grateful for:
  1. Cute little bums. Thanks to the warm weather, my lads no longer want to wear clothes, and there is underwear flung around the house in the bid for the coolest undies. Yes, seriously. But just watching the freedom that comes with minimal clothing is just too adorable for words. (Plus, they do have the cutest little bums!)
  2. Spring cleaning. The person who said A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind is no friend of mine. Mess in my house equals stress in my head. And after the gorgeous washing weather, every washable item in my home has returned to its place, and my head is back in the sane order I need in which to survive and function. (My house too!)
  3. Cancelled work trips. When my husband told me he was no longer able to go on a 10-day work trip to the Torres Strait/Treaty Villages of Papua New Guinea, I was so grateful I actually cried. It seems I'm not so happy for my husband to be away so much any more, and I really love to have him at home with us. Who would have thought?
What are you grateful for this week?

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


It's been awfully quiet here, hasn't it?

It seems like just yesterday when I had Oodles Of Time To Blog to Absolutely No Time At All.

Perhaps it's because of the extra day I'm doing in the office... putting the kids into day care for the first time... breaking the camera (no photos), buying a new one (too many photos)...

 ... sorting out this no sugar eating thing... toilet training...

... spring cleaning ... de-cluttering ... playing dress ups...

 ... jumping on the bed...

... and enjoying these moments...

Seems all is good in our little world.

Thanks for asking.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


And look whose had a most memorable Fancy Pants day today?

Although it was my birthday a week and a half ago, I wanted to wait until I could hang out with some of the coolest girls I know.

Today while sitting around this table, I couldn't believe how blessed I am. Seriously, the best friends a girl could ask for.

We did brunch at Bella Vedere in the Yarra Valley. Such a delightful place. And the menu looked so good, I really wanted to stay for lunch too.

Melbourne didn't quite give us the best weather, but I don't think the rain dampened our spirits at all.

(Or perhaps that was just me?)

And because it's my birthday edition, I thought I'd share not only what I wore this week, but also the style of some of my beautiful friends (because they all looked so gorgeous)...

After brunch, my two of my oldest friends/bridesmaids (who flew in from interstate to be there) meandered back to my place via another winery.

How amazing was the view?

And it was so lovely to spend the day with friends I've had for... (wait for it) 25 years. In fact, the whole day was mind-blowingly special. One I won't forget for a very long time.

When was the last time you had an excuse to dress up for a special occasion? Do you marvel at your amazing friends and think they're beautiful from the inside all the way out?

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Sunday, October 02, 2011


This week it's Fancy Pants: the outback edition. Here were are at Karalundi Aboriginal Education Community (WA), a place where I worked ten years ago, and we're back after a wee visit with our old friends. As for fashion... a few years back my husband and I had a discussion about style that went a bit like this.

Me: I've got clothes for work, clothes for going out, clothes for church, clothes for renovating, and clothes for Karalundi. Yet I've still got nothing to wear.

Hubby: I have the same clothes, wherever I go. Why don't you wear the same clothes no matter where you are?

It got me thinking. Why didn't I wear the same clothes wherever I went. Why did I dress according to where I was going, and forget who I was just because I was in a different place?

So now I make sure I am me wherever I am. At home, at work, in the outback. Practical, but still me.

Here are a few snaps taken today.

This is my friend Kelly, her husband Josh and little fella Cooper. And if you think you've seen Coops before, well that's because he's a baby model and has been published lately! Adorable little guy. Makes me a little clucky...

This is Dana (and her brother Nathaniel in the background). They belong to the most awesome family. Our boys are only 6 weeks apart, so we did our pregnancies together, and now compare notes on our active lads!

Sitting out on the lawn talking the day away is the best way to spend an afternoon at Karalundi.

I just had to take this photograph. So, there is an office chair in the middle of the road. Just sitting there.

There you have it: this week's Fancy Pants in the desert.

Do you change your style according to where you are, or are you the same wherever you go? Do you leave your office chair out on the street, just because?

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