Tuesday, September 11, 2007

love those curls

I've been relishing in the fact that my boy has curls like his dad, bragging to everyone about how cute they are, and basically being a big show off.

But then a friend told me that if his fringe wasn't curly (it is indeed straighter than the back) they were probably only baby curls. And upon Madison's first haircut his hair might possibly be straight from then on.

But I think (hope?) that the curls are here to stay. I attacked Madison's fringe the other day, and well - it's bounced right back up.

So (fingers crossed), he's got his daddy's lovely hair...

self pic

Is it just me, or are these self-pics the funniest? I've been taking a few lately and think they are hilarious. It brings out all the individual's personality... and makes a jolly good picture to laugh at.

Above: Me with Lindy and Mish THEN with Steve and Madison.

queen vic markets

Another weekend with Kelly in Melbourne meant we had an opportunity to do something special. So off we went to the Queen Victoria Markets to do some window shopping.

It was interesting to see Madison surrounded by heaps of people. He just made himself at home on the curb and ate his sandwich while we ate our yummy donuts.

adelaide memories

With my DH away so much, it was a great excuse to go and visit Adelaide.

The purpose was two-fold. My mum hadn't seen Madison since he started walking and my best friend Janine who, after having three boys, had her first baby girl - Kaitlyn Maree.

So, off we went and had a lovely time. Janine and I even had a chance to take some Baby and Me pictures which I think turned out lovely. And her little girl - an absolute treasure. Janine is obviously smitten and totally thrilled about her little girl.

family pics

We had one of those rare weekends when we had the whole family together, and so I grabbed my camera and made the most of the moment. Of course, I didn't think of putting myself in the them until afterwards, but here are the rest of the Piez's instead.