Thursday, March 19, 2009

excitement building

I just had to share how excited I am to be having another baby.

With only ten weeks to go, I am aware that my days are numbered where I get to feel kicks and movement inside of me. This personal, wonderful thing that only we share between us.

And before I know it I will be looking at my new baby in wonder and amazement.

Things I can't wait to do:

1. Smell my baby (why do they smell so good?)
2. Touch that soft, velvety baby skin
3. Look at that perfect face and study every curve and bend, neck, fingers, toes
4. Feed my baby (oh, SO beautiful)
4. Kiss my baby all over

But mostly, I just can't wait to meet him/her.

I just can't wait.

Above: Definitely the best moment in my life - meeting Madison Edward Piez for the first time (25 May 2006).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am like any mother, and think my children are gorgeous (of course).

But just this week at playgroup a friend was looking at Madison and said, "He is just SO good looking. Like Hollywood Good Looking."

At first I thought, oh dear - pretentious and self loving. Luckily she reclarified that he was JUST that good looking. The compliment has just made my week.

Even though you won't see me pushing him to be a child star, I am still like any other mother...

Friday, March 13, 2009


I know it's been a long time between posts, but if you knew what we have been doing (at seven months into my pregnancy mind you), you'd suddenly be very understanding.

You see, we've decided to do some renovating on an investment property (yes, I've mentioned this one before). And it started out small - just a couple of weeks. Which has turned out to be a little more than four weeks now, and still not quite finished.

My standard line to sympathetic friends is: it's not over, but I'm over it.

Our timing hasn't really helped zoom things along. The first two weeks were the mid to high 40's - the weeks of Black Saturday. And working in an uninsulated tiny room in that heat is enough to make any woman miserable! I also might be happy to mention that Hubby was a little slow with the heat too :-)

Perhaps I should go into more detail... the idea was to renovate the laundry/toilet and put an extension on the back which would serve as a generous size study or bedroom. Sound like two weeks of work? Usually it might be unrealistic for the expert builder, but a totally overwhelming order for us!

So, we decided to do it in stages. First the laundry/toilet (which took two weeks), then the bedroom/study (which has taken two weeks so far). For me, I was very happy to say goodbye to the green lino, and see lovely polished hardwood floors and carpet. The exposed plumbing and salmon coloured walls were something else.

The first stage: BEFORE, DURING and AFTER.

The second stage: BEFORE, DURING and AFTER. Now this one's harder to compare since it was basically stripped right back, and made much bigger! And remember, although the inside is finished, there's still a little more work to do on the outside (more pictures to come later).

As you can tell by the pictures, we've had a little apprentice happy to help wherever possible. Although we have been working pretty hard, have been mostly tired and at times to the end of our tether, Madison has just been the happiest little boy. He's had the best time playing on a construction site. Why, there's a little paddle pool, a sandpit, nails, hammer, drill... you name it! This week he's been asking when we're going back to Castlemaine. And - this I cannot believe - not one injury, or nail in his (mostly) barefoot feet. How's that?

And to top it off, amongst the renovations, the little man has been totally toilet trained too. He's such a trooper. Now he's proudly telling everyone that he's just done poos on the toilet! And he keeps reminding us that he's a big boy now.

So, now Hubby is considering a plumbing apprenticeship when he turns 18. A little premature I think at this stage, but Madison sure does love watching and learning. It is just amazing!

Stay tuned for more renovation pics...