Saturday, February 26, 2011


Is it just me, or are you embracing the last days of summer like a crazy person?

Okay, it's just me (and I'm okay with that... really). And even though I know Perth and Sydney have had a hot, hot summer, I'm feeling slightly ripped off by the lack of warm weather here in Melbourne. And there's only two days left of summer. So that means that's it, right?

So, I'm wearing all my summer dresses and making the most of their feminine prettiness.

Even if I'm a bit chilly.

Bargains worth mentioning: these bird earrings for $4 and they're just so cute! The bird's eye is a little diamante.

And this necklace was just $5.

Have you  noticed I have a thing for specials? I'm not big on expensive jewellery, but more a love for costume jewellery (so it doesn't matter if the lads rip it off my neck). There's not real loss. But if I really can't live without it, I have a few jewellery tools to fix things.

And finally, these thongs. How cute is this flower? (Apologies for the sloppy nail polish. I'll be tidying it up right after I post this...)

I really do love this dress, although I've hardly worn it this summer. It can be dressed up, or worn to the beach. I bought it in a little Chinese clothing shop a year ago. And it really didn't cost me very much either (just the way I like it). 

Are you like me and wearing all your summer gear before you have to put them away for another year? Whatever you're wearing, I look forward to seeing what you've worn this week.

Remember, all you have to do is follow this blog, and link up below. Of course, you are more than welcome to add the lovely button below to your post too and visit other Fancy Pants wearers! Share the love, I say.

DRESS, Shareen.
Thongs, Corelli.
EARRINGS, Equip ($4).
NECKLACE, Diva ($5).
NAILPOLISH, Revlon Hushed Blush.

a day in the life of us

Friday, February 25, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... my sauce-making hubby

This week has been busy with a publication deadline, extended kinder hours and new voluntary commitments that come with being a Kinder Mum. But something to look forward to: holidays! (And the beginning of my long awaited kitchen renovation). So, this week I'm especially thankful for...
  1. No pressure. When big work deadlines pass, I can relax again and go back to what was previously known as My Wonderful Life. Once again, my evenings are my own, I can blog again, and my family can welcome back The Real Me. Usually, I like to avoid last minute deadlines where I can, and avoid the unnecessary grey hairs, worry lines and frazzled behaviour. But this week was unavoidable, and now I can breathe a sigh of relief. And kick that nazi fish wife out the door.
  2. In-laws that care. A conversation with a work colleague this week reminded me about the awesomeness of my parents-in-law. Each week they look after my two boys when I have my day in the office. They're always looking out for us and help in every way they can. And they're not like that just for us. They help others, locally and internationally, and are very generous with their time and money. They give what they can and do what they can. Selflessly. They're such good people. And I am always grateful for having them in my life.
  3. My sauce-making/preserving hubby. This week our household has been overrun by garden tomatoes, plums and beetroot. And hubby has been in the kitchen cooking up a storm. And it's been smelling amazing at our place. We have 13 large jars of beetroot (better than you can buy, believe me) and now pasta sauce in overabundance. The the best bit? Hubby sharing sample spoon tests with me while I worked madly on my deadline until all hours. He even came complete with a little smirk on his face, because he knows his preserves taste fantastic.

    Happy Grateful Day. Why not pop over for more lovely gratefuls at the divine Maxabella loves...


    Also, today I link up at Weekend Rewind at Life in a Pink Fibro with other fabulous blogggers...

    Thursday, February 24, 2011


    Thanks to my four year old boy, I'm now a Kinder Mum. And since three weeks ago, it meant before I knew it, I had entered a whole new world of attending family picnics, school functions, kinder duty, attending incursions and excursions, and so much more.

    This week, I think I've finally infiltrated the new world that is My Child's Education. On Sunday, at the Old Fashioned Family Picnic, it was nerve-wrecking as I didn't know a soul, hubby was away for work, and after smiling at everyone and introducing myself for what seemed like forever (okay, perhaps really only half an hour) I wondered if I would actually strike up an actual conversation with anyone. And then relief - another mum arrived on her own. Boy, was she relieved to see someone exactly like me. Of course, we all had a fabulous time after the bonding three legged race and a great game of tug-of-war. Plus, kids have a way of breaking the ice for everyone.

    And today, after kinder duty, I learnt so much about my child (and about four year olds in general), I thought it was worth sharing:
    1. Pictures speak a thousand words (plus pictures are so much more practical if you can't read).
    2. Twenty children can actually be quiet if all you do is point to your ear.
    3. Four year olds don't need much to entertain themselves in four hours.
    4. Plus, it doesn't need to be high maintenance: story time, inside play, outside play, eating and singing. All broken up into half hour intervals. Perfect.
    5. You can make anything out of a piece of ribbon and a cereal box.
    6. If you give an outline of what's going to happen up front, it can save much heartbreak.
    7. Children get along so much better when their parents aren't around. Their manners even come back from holidays.
    8. A one year old can have as much fun as the four year olds - for half the amount of time.
    9. I'm gobsmacked that my child isn't comatose after his kinder session.
    10. I realised that I probably should have done my early learning teaching degree.
    Because, today I had the best time.

    And how about you? Have you entered this whole new world of kindergartens and schools? Or have you begun another whole new chapter in your life? How about something more simple, like a new recipe? I sure look forward to hearing about what you tried/learnt this week. Don't forget to link up below with your blog post and visit other 'tryers'. Why not share the love?

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    Sunday, February 20, 2011


    Bargain dress, meet my gorgeous friends. Gorgeous friends, meet my bargain dress.

    While I love this colour green, the adorable pattern, the cut and the feel of this dress, I confess I loved the price even more. Because my new (to me, anyway) dress was purchased in an Op-Shop.

    And the same shop sold fabulous jewellery. Gorgeous belts. And almost new shoes. Perhaps I might have bought more than just this dress... and I'm definitely going to visit this lovely little place again!

    Saturday, February 19, 2011


    With a child at three half days of kinder, I confess I'm enjoying running around on those errands that haven't been done for months. Plus a little more time to browse the shops. Okay, I should be rushing home to get my office work done, but I've been doing that at night and enjoying the 'free' hours. So this week, I'm still ever so grateful for...
    1. Second-hand stores. Oh me, oh my. My love for second-hand stores has returned. (Or perhaps my love for the extra time to browse has returned). I picked up a gorgeous summery dress this week and am wearing it this very moment (see the Fancy Pants post here). And it adds a little more colour to my wardrobe. Plus I was able to purchase (on special) some matching bangles and cute flower thongs. All for the whopping price of $20.
    2. Naturopaths and modern technology. There's nothing like solving a mystery. Especially when it affects your health. I've been the sickest I've ever been the past 5 or so weeks, but one visit to a naturopath (my first visit, ever) had me convinced that I should have done it much earlier. Don't worry, I'm not turning into an alterntive health junkie (well, okay, just a bit). But as a result, my health is on the up and up. And there's nothing better than being grateful for good health.
    3. A little food competition. It's Food Club time, and this month I'm ever so grateful for the return of Food Club for another year, plus being able to host our February theme night: Nigella Vs. Donna. And some scrumptious things were made and eaten. By us. (Did I mention how grateful I am for any recipe created by Donna Hay and Nigella Lawson?)
    For more lovely gratefuls, visit the delightful Maxabella Loves...

    Thursday, February 17, 2011


    Our veggie garden is cool. In fact it's so cool, this week I didn't need to buy any fruit or vegetables. And my goal was to make sure that I only cooked with seasonal produce from our garden.

    Good organic stuff and every meal included our fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes, carrots, zucchinis, spinach, beetroot and then fruit from the first fruits of our trees: plums and nectarines.

    I confess it's been hard to stay creative within the realms of our garden, but now that I've done a week and a half of using just fresh garden produce, I'm encouraged. And thanks to our overloaded fruit trees, there will be tomato chutney and jam made sometime next week.

    What did you get up to this week? Did you try something new? Last week Tat asked for help and Vanessa learnt how to link up here for the first time. Hopefully, you can join us with what you've tried/learnt/done this week.
    a day in the life of us 


    With all the rains and floods, I thought it might be good to explain to Madison at bedtime about what was happening in Queensland. I told him that floods were going as high as the tops of houses and cars, and people were being swept away.

    This morning, he stated for the very first time in his little life that he was bored. That's because it hasn't stopped raining, and he's tired of being inside again.

    Not long afterwards, a usual trip to the bathroom had him calling out from there:

    "Mummy, I'm making it sunny again!"

    I didn't think I'd heard it right.

    "Pardon Maddy?"

    "Mummy, I'm making it sunny again!" He called out.

    I went in there to see what he was talking about. He repeated it again.

    "Mummy, I'm making it sunny again by turning the tap off!"

    "Oh, honey..."

    My heart was still for a moment. If only stopping all the flooding and rain was that easy...

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    bling on love

    See this ring... isn't it divine? It's a 3.4 carat square cut diamond mounted in platinum. Probably worth a squillion dollars.

    But, enough about this one. I'm about to tell you about another one.

    When my husband and I got together, we'd already been friends for years and years. So when we did finally start 'dating', it was only a matter of time before we decided we wanted to marry. Hubby was on his second and third degrees (yes, consecutively) and working part-time.

    Because we're both hippies at heart (and gifts are the lowest of both our love languages), when proposal time loomed, I told him I didn't care about an engagement ring and I'd rather just know that we were going to be married.

    You see, I'm a bit of a strange one. While I love to see what others receive when they become engaged, I wasn't worried about it for myself. I had an idea of what I might like in an engagement ring, but I am a bit indecisive about big purchases, and I knew I had to love it for a very long time.

    So, I don't have an engagement ring. Or an eternity ring. Or a 'push' ring. To this day, the most sentimental and valuable piece of jewellery I own today is my wedding band. To me, nothing is more special than the day my husband told me he wanted to be with me all of his days. When he said this, he gave me the matching ring to his and, I too, made a vow. That I would wear it the whole of my life too.

    Hubby and I recently celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary - exactly a month ago today. And the ring I wear, although not stunning or sparkly, is so beautiful to me in so many ways.

    For more stories about Bling On Love this St Valentine's Day, visit two of my favourite blogeristas Maxabella Loves... or Felicity at Gifts of Serendipity.

    Saturday, February 12, 2011

    fancy pants

    The funniest thing happened today.

    After our outing this morning, I kept my outfit on long enough to take some photographs in the late afternoon sun (better lighting, apparently). As I was taking them, a cool change came in. And then it was freezing (once again, thanks Melbourne). I quickly took these pics (thanks to my friend, the ironing board - must get a tripod one of these days) and headed inside.

    Earlier, Hubby had suggested we take a walk. And knowing this after my 'photo shoot', I raced inside to change.

    As we were walking, Hubby was full of his usual teasing humour. Now, he isn't really a big reader of my blog, but he has been asked to take the odd photo for this section. So it was quite hilarious when he made the following comments.

    "I asked Fancy Pants if she'd like to take a walk.. not, um, you." He said as he looked at me wearing my tracky pants (yes, the ones covered in paint), sneakers and old jumper.

    And then later on, "I think I should take a photo of the way you look now for your blog".

    But it just goes to show you that there is a less fancy version of me that this household sees the other six days a week. Hmmm, perhaps Hubby is trying to tell me something...

    But as my lovely friend Melody said, "I love his comment. He should realise, though, that while Fancy Pants may be hot, Daggy Pants can take longer walks with him due to the sensible nature of her footwear."

    Too right, Melody.

    And what about you? Where have you been so that you could get all Fancy Pants? Remember to link up and share the love...

    Kymmie wears: SINGLET, Witchery (on sale $20). SKIRT, Witchery (on sale). DENIM JACKET, Cotton On. SHOES, Zu. WOOD & STRING NECKLACE, Tree of Life. WOOD & BEAD NECKLACES, Diva. NAILPOLISH, Revlon Black Berry.

    a day in the life of us

    And my American Inspiration:

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    this saturday i'm grateful for... home-made lemonade

    We're into the swing of things at a day in the life of us. Hello routine, we're back. And it's so nice. (Can you tell I love routine?) While kinder is really tiring out my nearly five year old, my almost two year old is getting some one-on-one time and loving this newly found attention.

    The week has come to an end and thanks to the insightful Maxabella Loves... I can reflect and remember to be thankful for:
    1. Bright beads from Morocco. Right now I'm wearing a bright and colourful collection of gorgeous beads from my step-daughter Kelly. They're so pretty, and they go with everything. Even my little lads want to wear them.
    2. Home-made lemonade. We had lemons, castor sugar and an eager pre-schooler. If Play School can make it, so can we. And we did. And that's what we drank all day on Thursday. With clinky ice (my favourite).
    3. Charming little towns. There's nothing like going for a drive to spend a few hours admiring a place full of Australian history, toying with the idea of purchasing an affordable old ruin for a wild business idea (which might actually work), perusing its lolly store, locally made ice-cream and delightful homeware stores. I bought some adorable things (see picture above) and finished the afternoon off with the most amazing ginger ice cream. The end to a perfect day.
    What are you thankful for?


    If you love to see the best of the best blogs out 'there', I highly recommend you visit Life In A Pink Fibro Weekend Rewind too...

    Thursday, February 10, 2011


    Four years ago we bought our dream house. It's a Victorian and over a hundred years old. It has 12-foot ceilings and ceiling roses. Each room is a different colour (all the gorgeous traditional ones) and it has baltic floorboards. When we first saw it on sale, we only looked through it because it was so amazing on the real estate website. But it was way out of our price range.

    But after our first tour, we couldn't stop thinking about it. And by our second tour, we were hooked.

    And they took our low offer. A miracle really.

    We've made some changes, but there's still some more renovating to go. But the bits that don't need to be fixed are so inviting. And as we have saved a bit of money, we've purchased small things piece by piece to make it more homely and cozy. The formal lounge and master bedroom are havens just waiting to be enjoyed.

    And if you've been visiting this blog for a little while, you may have suspected that I love the odd pile of books. And they're in every living space. Magazines waiting to be browsed, my monthly subscription, books I want to read, coffee table books that long to be opened.

    But do I ever get to sit there and just read?


    But last week as I walked past the havens in my home (taking out the rubbish, what else?), I decided enough was enough. It was time to enjoy those spaces more. Be still. Read. Sleep. Enjoy.

    This week I did it. Several times actually. I've even been resting for short spurts (nanna nap, anyone?) while the boys had their quiet time. And kinder is a Godsend. I'm loving the extra quiet space already.

    So, am I going to try and do this every week? Oh yes.

    What about you? What new thing have you done this week?

    And if you're not inspired, here are a few suggestions: taking a different route on your morning walk, trying a new recipe, wearing a new coloured top, trying a new nailpolish, trying a new routine with the kids (including a different packed lunch), going to a new playground, going out for a picnic, a random act of kindness, or responding differently to the same situation.

    There. Did that help? Now amaze me with your new stuff (even if it is getting your eyebrows waxed for the first time - yes, this one's coming up). I can't wait to see what you've been up to this week. Oh, and remember to linky up and share the love.
    a day in the life of us

    Tuesday, February 08, 2011


    How I love summer. Let me count thy ways:
    1. Making icy poles. Made from lemonade, orange juice or yoghurt. Whatever, is in the fridge. And it seems I've been refilling those babies every day or so.
    2. Crunchy big salads. Fresh from the garden. Nothing like eating a warm sweet tomato straight from the vine.
    3. Boys with no shirts on. Just like Dad.
    4. Baking muffins. Chocolate chip ones. Big ones and small.
    5. ANZAC biscuits. Because it was Australia day last week.
    6. Cold drinks with clinky ice. Because doesn't it sound so fabulous?
    7. Sitting out in the backyard. Watching the lads playing in their new cubby house. Playing shops. And making big mountains in their sandpit.
    8. Listening to the sound of summer. The birds squawking. The cicadas buzzing. The trees blowing in the warm breeze.
    9. Hubby singing and playing his guitar. Outside of course.
    10. Going out in the boat. Need I say more?
    What do you love about summer?

    Sunday, February 06, 2011

    fancy pants

    There's a lovely guest at today's Fancy Pants. Unfortunately, she didn't want to be in front of the camera (which is a shame because she has a pretty awesome style). But rather she took today's photographs. Which was embarrassing for me really (just goes to show that an ironing board is much easier to pose for).

    It also goes to show that I am a terrible model. She made wonderful suggestions which I just felt awkward doing and couldn't stop laughing (that was the embarrassment talking).

    But my gorgeous step-daughter Kelly has been a tourism photographer in Paris (I know!) and works with some of the most amazing people - in front and behind the camera (see who she works with here).

    As you can tell, these necklaces are a staple. And I pretty much have them on my bedroom tallboy. All. The. Time.

    And can I just say that I'm loving this more structured fashion? It works so well for the hourglass figure. (Hello, curves anyone?) No more big blousy shapeless gear for me. I've recently discovered (because I'm always lagging behind in these things) that tucking in is so much more flattering that hanging out. And a belt finishes things off nicely. Who would have thought?

    Certainly not me. (Note to self: purchase a skinny belt. Pronto.)

    And yes. Wedges. Again. But these are a good angle and give you a great look at them (for those of you who have been asking...)

    And yes. I'm a dag (in case you were wondering). And Kelly sure brings that out in me. 

    What have you done this week to get all Fancy Pants? I look forward to you linking up below and joining in the fun. Remember to share the linky love!

    Kymmie wears: SINGLET, Witchery (on sale $20). WIDE LEG PANTS, Luca & Marc (on sale). BELT, Just Jeans. WEDGES, Nine West (on sale). WOOD & STRING NECKLACE, Tree of Life. WOOD & BEAD NECKLACES, Diva. NAILPOLISH, Revlon Black Berry.

    Oh, here's my button:

    a day in the life of us

    a modern fairytale about linky love

      Once upon a time, you young (okay, not really young) and fair maiden started a blog. She promptly forgot about it, then she started it again. But by the time she was ready to post, she couldn’t remember how to do it. In fact, she had no clue how she had done it in the first place.

      Time passed and as she became use to posting, her blogging host had updated their version. It was confusing, but the young maiden persisted. She even asked a friend how to add Site Meter on it so she could see some statistics for her blog. Although she needed help, she didn't mind asking other maidens how to do it.

      As she blogged more and more, she became more familiar with the technology. The maiden was falling in love with her new hobby and wanted to go the next level. She wanted people to get involved in her regular posts. Then she met the thing of her dreams.

      It was linky love at first sight. First the basic linky, then the thumbnail. It inspired her so much she started two weekly linkys (details here) as the linky love was free and given wholeheartedly.

      The first linky was a weekly fashion post called Fancy Pants, encouraging other bloggers to get all fancy pants and dress up. Of course, the thumbnail linky enabled others to join in too. The second linky was about a new year’s resolution – to try something new every week. The basic linky was used so then people could share what they had done during the week.

      These linkys continue. Except now that the love given for free now has a price. The fair maiden knew she had been taking the love without recipricating, and understood that love had a price she was willing to pay. (Even if it included cutting her long, long hair, living with extremely short people, in a dungeon or even sleeping for a hundred years.)

      In fact, the fair maiden didn't think she could live without her linkys and wants to encourages others to feel the linky love and ask how they would use a linky?

      Friday, February 04, 2011

      this saturday i'm grateful for... a week of firsts

      It's been a week of firsts. Madison's first day at kinder, Noah's first swimming class (think: duck to water), I had just one child for a few blissful hours (while the other was at kinder), and it was my first week back at work. It's been a big one. But thanks to Maxabella Loves... I get to sit back, relax and reflect on the things I'm grateful for...
      1. Sea air and salt water. There's nothing more magical than going for swim, eating sandwiches, taking a ride on our boat, and going for a kneeboard. And even though it was just one day, it felt like a mini-holiday and we all came home tired, but feeling refreshed and happy. Oh, and a little sunburnt too.
      2. My girls. When I married my hubby, I had an instant family. Both Kelly and Leah flew in this week to spend time with us. And twelve years on, I still am blown away by these two gorgeous, unexpected and awesome blessings in my life. Oh, how I adore them. I even get teary thinking about it (in a happy and grateful way, of course). I'm proud to say I have the four most amazing children.
      3. Photographs and memories. With all these firsts, my head was spinning out a little about how quickly time has gone (can I just say that I give the bird in time's general direction?). This week I went through my photographs to remind me where the time has gone. And to remember how things were not that long ago.
      Happy Grateful Day.

      Thursday, February 03, 2011


      It finally came. The first day of kindergarten.

      The week before, we had talked it up. How much fun it will be. All the things he will learn. All the new friends he will make. He chose his first day of kinder outfit and helped me to label his hat, clothes and shoes.

      Last night during dinner, we shared again what he would do at kinder. And the bedtime story was a book I've been saving for this very occasion "My first day at school".

      There were lots of questions, and definitely excitement.

      But these are the photos I captured as we were going to kinder.

      "Mum, I just want to get into the car," he said.

      So we did. And I put on his favourite song so it would comfort him while he cried. He was nervous. My throat was dry. I gulped and I put on my happy face.

      "It will be so much fun. New toys and lots of new friends to play with."

      "But I don't know any of the kids' names," he replied.


      We arrived at kinder. We walked through the gate. He held my hand. And then he watched the other kids as they headed into the classrom with their parents. Children were nervous. Others were crying. The situation was tense.

      "Look Madison. It's not just you who is nervous."

      He brightened. He looked hopeful.

      And 20 minutes after he'd found the hook for his backpack, washed his hands and found some toys, he turned to me.

      "You can go now Mummy."

      I sighed. Relief. Nervousness. Joy.

      Turns out he loves kinder, and can't wait to go back. But as I headed to the car holding back tears, I couldn't be sure he would.

      Turns out, running errands for the few hours before I returned, sure was easier with just one child.

      But these pictures will be the permanent memories of my eldest son going to his first day at kinder.

      How was your child's first day at Kinder? And did you try anything new this week?

      a day in the life of us