Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Face painting is awesome. Especially when you want to be Batman.

With glitter.

And it's a cool concept to want to keep it on for as long as possible. No baths, no face cleaning of any sort.

But it wears thin when it rubs onto your clothes, marks your bed sheets and stains your skin. And on the third day, it really doesn't look like anything like it did when it was first done.

So, how to get it off? With makeup remover, of course (if only that worked). Face cream (nope). Baby oil (now we're talking).

And it doesn't quite come off. And so it looks like you've been wearing Mummy's make up over the weekend.

Poor boy. Not so cool now, huh?

(But it does make me wonder if Batman has the same trouble.)

Have you tried some new this week? It might be as simple as removing face paint, or trying a new recipe (even if it didn't work).

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a day in the life of us

look what came early... and blog day

I love the freaky warm weather we've been having lately. It's tricked all the plants, and our fruit trees are already flowering. Yet spring doesn't start until tomorrow.

Early fruit this year? I sure hope so!

And speaking of spring, isn't it wonderful to discover something new, something special?

Today is Blog Day and is there a better excuse to share the lovely blogs in our lives? Here are a few of the ones I'm loving right now:
  1. Strong Southerly. This girl has style and Good Chair For Monday. I just want to climb into them every week and have a nana nap. I love this girl!
  2. File Under "Miscellanous". If wanting a good giggle, Maybe Melody always has something cleverly written - whether it be a new song, or a funny way of sharing a great story. Even her "About Me" is beautifully written. Plus she's totally gorgeous. And really, really tall.
  3. Agnes' Pages. I've loved this blog for as long as I discovered other blogs were 'out there.' Short posts, gorgeous pictures, and always something to think about.
  4. My New Roots. Foodies, beware. Healthy, gorgeous photographs and beautifully illustrated. Don't visit on an empty stomach! Vegetarian food never looked so good.
  5. The Vegan Stoner. Hilarious food blog. So cute, so easy. And so delish!
  6. Diva Mum. A new blog by Naomi of Seven Cherubs fame. I love it, because I love wearable trinkets too!

Have all your trees started budding before spring? Will you share some blog love for Blog Day today too?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

do you think our society values mothers?

It's happened. I've flipped. And I've decided I've got to say something.

I'm not usually one to go off half cocked, but it's time.

I've heard it and read it over and over again. And I'm tired of it. It's all the talk about how our society doesn't value mothers.

Pardon? Did I hear right?

Perhaps I have spent too much time living in developing countries to feel that we might be misled a tad? Because where we live in Australia, our government pays a bonus sum (no longer in lump sum, damnit) just for having a baby. It now gives us time off work with pay, and if you are on a low income, the government provides a fortnightly top up. For a very long time.

Sure, it's not perfect. But it's something right?

And if that wasn't bad enough...since when did we bother to care about what society said was good for us anyway?

After all, this is the same society that we live in that encourages size zero, and to idolise youth and outer beauty.

Not enough emphasis is placed on emotional intelligence, inside beauty, treating our neighbour the same as how we'd like to be treated, and we just don't seem to respect the elderly like we should. And that is just the beginning.

We spend a lot of our time wishing we were someone else doing something better, or being thinner, had better hair, less wrinkles, less freckles, more money, less cellulite.

What does that say about our society?

From me, you will never hear me utter those words, "Not enough importance is placed on being a mother."

Because as far as I'm concerned, if my kids think that what I'm doing matters and I know what I'm doing is important, then I don't care what anyone else thinks.

How about you?

Monday, August 29, 2011



This is a fabulously lemony, moist treat. And it's recipe even. Seriously fabulous, and tastes amazing! It's even gluten free.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


No Fancy Pants for two weeks. TWO WEEKS.

Shocking. Mostly because I've been very rarely fancy (thanks to our kitchen renovation) and on the rare occasion I did dress up, there wasn't time to pull out the ironing board. Not to iron. Goodness, no. For the 'photo shoot'. Because I still haven't purchased that tripod I promised myself so very long ago.

Turns out I decided that a dishwasher was far more important than my tripod. (For now, anyway. )

So, instead of leaving you the image of me dragging out my ironing board to our backyard in my heels, let me tell you about this sleeveless dress. My husband's best friend got married two years ago and I bought this dress for his Big Day. It was originally $280, and was on sale by the time I found it. On that particular day, Myer had a half price sale on top of the first discount. By the time I added a Myer gift voucher to it, the dress cost me $40. Gotta love a bargain!

And although it's almost the end of winter, I've only just discovered that this summery little number could have been worn quite warmly all winter. It's made me re-shop my wardrobe all over again.

And see these heels? I had mentioned some time back that they were unfit for wearing. But after an attempt to pass them onto my stylish fairy step daughter, she suggested that I have them stretched. So I did. And gone are the days where I wince when I wear them. I do admit they're still not a heel I could wear all day, but still, at least they're wearable!

So, if you're dying to link up... here's your chance! (Because who knows if I can ever be seen to be reliable ever again!)

Did you get a chance to snap a fancy pants shot this weekend?

Kymmie wears: BLAZER, Ojay. DRESS, Wayne By Wayne Cooper. WOOD AND LEATHER HEELS, Betts. NECKLACE, Koolaman Designs (this has my children's name engraved on it, close up here). RING, Diva ($3!).

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Friday, August 26, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... the simple pleasures

The sun has been shining, and there's a small sample of spring and what's to come. And because sunny days have been so rare this winter, we headed outdoors lots this week and are so grateful for... 
  1. Playgrounds. Is there anything better than watching your offspring running around madly trying every new thing on a playground? 
  2. The simple pleasures. Going around and round on a tyre is so much fun. My boys were getting all dreamy as I spun them round on this one (picture above). 
  3. Sunshine. It makes us happy. Do I need to say more?
What are you grateful for today? Visit Maxabella Loves... for more wonderful gratefuls.


Just a few things we talked about this week at our place*.

*One of my favourite places to visit is Life in a Pink Fibro. Allison has started doing this, and I love it so much, I'm doing it too.

Friday, August 19, 2011


It's been the first week where invitations to 'check out the new kitchen' has begun. Hoards of visitors (well, maybe a few less than that) popped in during the week. And I was ready. Because I'd been christening all my kitchen stuff (like my new oven - oooh, and my first dishwasher, aaah) which results in lots baking and trying out new things! And so this week I am grateful for...
  1. Almond, pinenut, lemon + ricotta cake. This is the second time I've made this amazing cake, but in my new oven, it's so much better.
  2. Anzac biscuits. Once again, something I felt I could never make consistently. Turns out I might just be able to blame the old oven (aka The Modern Maid).
  3. Bread. From Scratch. Tonight with the minestrone soup (also made from scratch), I baked bread. Apart from feeling quite like a Goddess In The Kitchen (which I am, of course), I provided my family with a complete, wholesome, preservative-free, vegetarian meal. Which made me (and their tummies) very happy.
Is it too much to say how much I love food and baking?
* Pictured is the Orange Cake I also made this week. By the way, the boy in this photo is pretty yummy too!

What are you grateful for today? Visit Maxabella Loves... for more lovely gratefuls.


Just a few things we talked about this week at our place*.

*One of my favourite places to visit is Life in a Pink Fibro. Allison has started doing this, and I love it so much, I'm doing it too.



If you want a simple, nutricious crumble with a difference, you've got to give this a go. It's a favourite in our home, and the recipe is asked for lots! You can even make it vegan if you want to.

Friday, August 12, 2011


If loving my new kitchen makes me shallow, then let it be. But I can justify it really. After all, 80% of my waking hours at home are spent in the kitchen, so I want to love the space I'm in. And what isn't there to love about this?

 Or this?

Coffee anyone? (I don't actually drink it, but it's for the guests...)

Of course, there's still the dishwasher to be installed, the fridge, the tiles, painting the walls, a big new window...

... but we're definitely getting there. (Don't you love the guitar accessory? Styling by hubby).

So this week, I am grateful for...
  1. Beautiful living spaces. There is nothing more thrilling than a space that one wants to be in. And when the house is peaceful every night around midnight, I look at this space and appreciate every step its taken to get here.
  2. Storage. A huge pantry, wonderful big benches, big drawers. A place for everything, and everything in its place.
  3. My very own sexy plumber. Last week I talked about the cute electrician, but alas, none of this would have happened if my husband didn't get home after work to fix the plumbing (don't worry folks, he's registered), or 10:30pm at night after music practice, and put on his work clothes to varnish the floor. It just so happens he's pretty sexy too. I'm counting my blessings this week.
(Oh, and wondering what this living space looked like before? Look here.)

What are you grateful for? You're welcome to join in over at Maxabella's place too!

Monday, August 08, 2011


When you were a child, remember the times when Christmas felt like an eternity away? And when it finally did draw closer, you kept asking your mum over and over about when it was? And then on Christmas eve, you couldn't sleep from the excitement?

Well, as the years go by, you grow up and find out that Father Christmas wasn't real, and the joy of it fades, and then one day you realise that there isn't much that excites you these days.

Today, that feeling is back. I feel like a child again. I'm sitting here at work and really wanting to be at home. Because today, the cabinet maker is at my house installing my brand new kitchen.

And I can't wait!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

fancy pants

The weather has been fine in Melbourne. Sunny days, and even tshirt weather yesterday! Of course, it's been drizzly and cold today, but how nice is a bit of warm weather in August?

The favourite men in my life headed for a drive up to our favourite country spot - Castlemaine (near Daylesford). It was so lovely. A small play at the park, a meander over here, and a quick stop over there. And so relaxing.

As the sun was setting, we thought we would quickly take some snaps. I just love these photographs. I could eat those chubby cheeks.

It was nice to get out of my work boots. I feel like my errands and outings have been in my work gear, and it's just so nice to put on makeup and do my hair. Such a treat these days!

The weather is cooling down again, but I smell spring is just around the corner!

Did you get out of the house this weekend? Any excuse is reason enough to join up for Fancy Pants!

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Kymmie wears: BLAZER, Ojay. TEE, Witchery (have I mentioned the fact that I need shares in this shop?). FLARES, Gasp. SHOES, Miss Shop. SCARF, Miss Shop. NECKLACE, Diva ($3!). RINGS, Diva ($3 for 3!). Madison wears: SHIRT/VEST, Pumpkin Patch. JEANS, Levi's. SHOES, Walnut Melbourne. COAT, Pumpkin Patch (on sale!!). Noah wears: SHIRT, Milkshake. VEST, Sprout. JEANS, Pumpkin Patch. SHOES, Gumboots. COAT, Pumpkin Patch (on sale!!).

a day in the life of us

And see this gorgeous girl? She totally cracks me up!

Friday, August 05, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... handsome tradies

When people say they packed everything but the kitchen sink, I now understand why. Because, without it at home, things get out of whack. The whole kitchen centres around the sink and running water. Where else do you peel your vegetables, wash your hands, do the dishes?

During our third week of renovations, we now have no kitchen. Or benches. Nothing. It's all been removed (except for my lovely polished floor!), and my dining room table has become the whole kitchen. So this week I'm super grateful for...
  1. The kitchen sink. And even though it might be another week or so before I have any plumbing in my kitchen, there won't be any taking for granted on running water ever, ever again.
  2. Handsome tradesmen*. Isn't it nice to appreciate something beautiful every now and then? When our electrician and his lovely apprentice started in our kitchen this week, it made me smile and appreciate youth in all its beauty.
  3. Playing the glad game. Call me Pollyanna, but lots of comments have come my way about how positive I've been considering things are a little 'unhinged' at home. Yes, renovating is hard. Yes, it's inconvenient. But just think about how great it will be when it's all finished. A little pain for a whopping gain. So worth it.
What are you grateful for? Join in the gratefulness here.

* I would have posted a picture of the cute electrician, but my stepdaughter said it might be considered stalking. You'll just have to take my word for it.


It's Jeans For Genes Day today.

Join in by posting your bum in jeans today, and spread the word like these girls on Facebook - Seven Cherubs, Bigwords, My Shoebox Life and Little Drummer Boys

And please give generously here. I just did.

* It's not disconcerting having your bum sprawled across your blog for the world to see. At all. But remember, it's for a  worthy cause. Very worthy.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


That's it. No more mother guilt, no more apologising, and no more feeling overwhelmed. I'm on a roll, and thinking like a man.

What, you ask? What do you mean when you say that?, you exclaim.

Well, I'm tired of the mother guilt. Tired of juggling. And tired of multi-tasking.

Okay, I'm not completely tired of multi-tasking. There's always room for another part of the brain to be used while the kids are in the bath and I'm cooking dinner (after all work, calls to Western Australia work well as they are two hours behind).

I'm talking about the multi-tasking that goes on in my head.

Perhaps you understand what I mean. The mind that never stops. The body that goes to work, but the head which is thinking about tomorrow's birthday party that you haven't bought a present for yet, the ingredients you need to buy for tonight's dinner with friends, or the phone calls needed for the kitchen renovation. Thinking non-stop about all the things that have nothing to do with work.

And the mother guilt: over that, too.

Besides, what's the point of doing the 'office work' at home when the kids are awake, or not yet at kinder? Long ago, I gave up on the two year old demanding my time to put together the lego he just pulled apart seventeen times already, and then having the five year old asking why you haven't made him breakfast yet while finishing a work report. Seriously, what's the point of trying to do it when they're biting my ankles? And it takes double the time to do half the work.

Now I get out of the house, spend quality time with the lads, and then do the work stuff when the time is right.

And I'm not saying sorry to my child for not playing with them then either. There's time to play and there's time to work. And just because Mummy works from home, doesn't mean that she should apologise for it.

This change of attitude is the result of the ridiculous load of things on my plate lately. The renovating, the filming, work, investments, tax time, plus being a wife and mother. Also, I've been observing the men I work with, and the one who I live with. (For a very long time.) And I watch them travel extensively for business, working one or two projects at a time. Not apologising to anyone. The attitude is this: I'm not thinking about that at the moment, I'll think about it when it's time to.

So, why am I thinking like that? Because for years, this talk and attitude has driven me crazy. Especially when I've wanted to talk more about that Other Matter.

But I've decided to join the bandwagon.

No more guilt, because I'm spending enough time with the kids. And no more thinking about everything at the same time. I'm shelving the things I don't need to think about, and focusing on the bits that are the most important/urgent. It's been a conscious effort.

But this has been the key to my survival the past few weeks. And I'm going to make it something I consciously try to do in the future. A new mindset, in fact.

And so far, it's working.

How about you? Have you changed the way you look at things? Have you had so much on your plate that you have decide to think like a man and stop multi-tasking or apologising? 

Why don't you join in? After all it's a great way to cope with stress. All you have to do is follow me, add your Try Something New post below and add a link back to me in your post. You can also include the lovely button (below)Then pop over to visit other bloggers who have done something new this week.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011



My mother taught me that the word 'hate' is a very strong word. So when I talk about my old kitchen, it's dislike immensely, but never hate.

But it's been made clear on more than one occasion (like here), that I have been looking forward to our kitchen renovation. Very much, in fact.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

fancy pants junior

It was overcast, and this little lad just needed to have some photographs taken of him. I've been taking so many lately while the weather has taken a turn for the better,  but there certainly haven't been enough posted here of the two-year old cuteness of this fellow.

I love how he insists in wearing a hat. Any hat. While my eldest son always insisted the hat come off, this one is always finding a hat to put on.

Plus, he's inclusive. Whatever he's doing, teddy or ducky come with him. Whether it's sitting in the wheelbarrow, or a horse ride on the handle bars...

... even if it's for an upside down spin...

... or a saunter around the garden. This little fella's activities are just cuteness.

Noah wears: HOODIE, Bonds. LONG SLEEVED TEE, Sprout. TRACK PANTS, Cotton On. BEANIE, La Loon. GUMBOOTS, Rivers.