Thursday, April 29, 2010

day twenty nine | little frequent flyers

Since both the boys were born, they have flown a lot.

Madison was only 9 weeks before he had his first flight. And it was international.

Although Noah hasn't quite flown from one country to the next, he's clocking up the frequent flyer miles too.

Today the boys went on their umpteenth trip in an airplane. They still get excited, love take off and landing, but with all that flying, they just have certain expectations.

"Mummy, where's my lunch?"

"Mummy, the lady hasn't given us headphones..."

"Mummy, where are the TVs?"

"Mummy, where is my colouring in?"

Now, you know that we are use to flying one particular airline, and today it was not that one.

Poor boys. It was one tough trip.

Lucky it was only a 40 minute flight.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

day twenty eight | big sister fun

Tonight after dinner, the boys were playing a game, chasing each other under the dining room table. And there was a hurdle - big sister Leah - who dragged Noah back across the floor just as he was about to chase Madison.

Giggles galore from both boys. It was such fun!

It's so cute to see the boys playing with their big sister. Or just hanging out watching television on the lounge together. The other night, I overheard Madison talking with Leah. He said to her, "Leah, you're my big sister and I love you." And then he gave her a big cuddle.

That sort of love should be bottled.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day twenty seven | playmates

Noah is now at the age of fun.

Madison can't wait until Noah wakes up from his day sleeps, so they can play again.

And upon hearing Madison's footsteps running down the hall, Noah kicks his legs in excitement and giggles in anticipation of some good times to come.

It's so cute watching them play together. Madison just loves picking up Noah, and dragging him around, while Noah doesn't mind being treated so roughly. In fact, he seems to like it.

My only wish is that they play this well together for a long time to come.

Monday, April 26, 2010

day twenty six | i can do it myself

This week Madison has made a new discovery. He can dress himself.

In fact, he's mighty proud. I am no longer allowed to pick out his clothes, take off his pajamas or put on his clothes for the day.

He proclaims, "No mummy, I can do it myself!"

Well, mostly.

Last night his flannel pajama top was put on backwards, and this morning his tshirt too. Today I was quick enough to take some action snaps.

I'm even proud of his clothing choice. Everything is nicely coordinated.

That's my boy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Now that we've finally said goodbye to the warm weather, the boys' winter pajamas have been re-discovered.

There's nothing cuter than boys in flannel. Or cuddlier.

And as well as looking and feeling great, tonight after their bath, they even smelt good too.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

day twenty four | best friends in a moment

It wasn't intentional, but this is a continuation of yesterday's entry.

My last blog entry, we were discussing how easy it is to make friends when you're a child... and today was no exception.

Visiting a new place, and Madison hit it off with Austin. And you'd think they'd been best friends forever.

Madison just went up and sat with Austin at lunch time. They started chatting, and before you could say 'Good Times', they had rolled up the garlic bread foil wrappers and were throwing them in the air. Giggling. Tickling. Tumbling. Rolling. Chasing.

And 3 hours later there were even cuddles to say goodbye.

If ever anyone says my child needs socialising at Kinder, I think I'll slap 'em.

He's doing just fine.

Friday, April 23, 2010

day twenty three | on equal footing

If I could change one thing as an adult, it would be to make friends like little people do.

They don't care if they've just met. Toddlers just start talking, and playing. They even fight like they've known each other forever. But then they make up and move on. They play together despite a possible age gap, difference in skin colour, or being the opposite sex.

Often they don't even notice there's a difference.

Today, we had a playdate with a friend from church and her two little girls. (The oldest one is the same age as Madison while the youngest one has just been born - which is why she's not in the picture.) And although Chiara and Madison only see each other once a week, you'd think they were the best of friends.

As we grow up, we make things so much more complicated.

What do you think?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

day twenty two | versatility part two

The boys are at it again.

The giant rockets are certainly getting their money's worth. This week they have been used as prodders, pokers, crutches, bats and weapons.

Today: didgeridoos.

Now, if you weren't aware, my husband and I work in (and are passionate about) Indigenous Ministries. So Madison is quite attuned to the odd bit of didgeridoo playing. In fact, two of his 'uncles' play very well. And he is in constant awe when he sees them in their traditional face paint, stomping their feet and playing some amazing rythmns.

It was so cute watching him sit cross-legged on the verandah (just like the professionals) blowing away like there was no tomorrow. And it was even cuter to see Noah taking it all in, and then giving it a go himself. He wasn't bad.

Perhaps with just a little more training they might get that circular breathing right.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Although it's fun to search and destroy your own home, another house with new things is much more enthralling.

Today at Grandma and Grandpa's house, there are lots of live plants and arranged flowers.

Heaven for a 10 month old.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

day twenty | versatility

Today the laundry basket has been a pool, a boat, a car and a bus. It's ferried Thomas' train engines, Matchboox cars and the toolbox. The boys have even had a ride or two while sitting inside.

The boys have had lots of giggles and fun. And, believe it or not, they haven't gotten into too much mischief.

And when Madison's Lightning McQueen sofa is squished inside, the laundry basket makes a fabulous bed.

Happy 'quiet time' Mummy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

day nineteen| happy as kids in mud

There comes a time in every mother's life where you have to accept certain things.

Like: you're going to work harder and longer than ever before; everything takes longer to do if your kids are 'helping'; you're going need more money all the while earning much less; and having children is the best thing since sliced bread.

I know what you're thinking. No problems.

But this is the one I really have troubles with.

You're going to have to accept that children like to get dirty. Really, really dirty. All the time.

Especially when all you want to do is hang out 7 loads of washing which should take you no longer than 25 minutes. But it takes longer, because you're continually trying to distract your 10 month old from that grey water going into the garden (because you've got the 8th load on).

In the end I let it go. After all, the boys were having such fun. Madison continually saying how 'disgusting' the mud was (all the while stomping in it), while Noah was eating mud pies.

I even let them stay much longer than it took for the washing, just so I could take some pictures.

Happy as pigs in mud. No, make that kids in mud.

day eighteen | family day out

Is it just me, or does everyone's heart burst with pride when they see all their children hanging out together and enjoying each other's company?

Well, that's how I felt this weekend. Perhaps it's the massive age gaps that makes it work, or the fact that they're not together very often.

Whatever the reason, it was a weekend to treasure forever.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

day seventeen | big sister love

It's not often that our household is full of all our four children, but when it is, we love it.

The house is loud, busy and happy. There is an excited vibe as we all catch up, while the toddler shows off with the added attention. And it's chaos, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Kelly, our eldest is in town for the weekend to celebrate her 23rd birthday. (And please don't ask us where that time went!) And so, we filled the weekend up with family activities all could enjoy. Outings, chatting, playing, reminiscing, and just being.

Many of the day's activities include eating, and so apart from playing music this afternoon, and running around outside, tonight we drove to Lygon Street for a little ice cream.

Here's a little of the bonding that happened today...

day sixteen | persistent little fella

A day out on the boat can prove to be relaxing and good for the soul.

The first trip on the boat, however, was a little too relaxed as both boys ended up with red faces while Madison had sunstroke.

So, to up the ante, lots of sun protection was used this time. Shirt (check), sunscreen (check), hat (check). Plus lots of water to keep hydrated.

Madison is a trooper at keeping his hat on, and didn't even mind the regular sunscreen applications.

Noah, on the other hand is quite the opposite. He spent a quality amount of time dodging the sunscreen. And the hat? It just wouldn't stay on.

But I persisted. And persisted.

Then I started counting the times I put the hat on, and stopped... at 100.

Let's just say, keeping the hat on was a full time job.

At least he didn't get sunburnt.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

day fifteen | boys and their toys

The best Christmas presents are the ones you get when it's March.

Which means Madison is still very excited about his Giant Rocket given to him by his friend Jacob. And today, they were together complete with their rockets, seeing how far they could go. These little beauties are made from soft light foam that go "weally, weally high" according to Madison.

So high, and so light in fact, that it didn't take much to lose them. And after not nearly enough laughter and excitement, both rockets were balancing on branches way up the big oak tree in our backyard.

You should have seen their faces. There were tears.

(And there were giggles from the mummies because it really was funny.)

But luckily Daddy was able to save the day with his long ladder.

Then there was more joy and jubilation... until they landed on the roof of the house.

I get the feeling that Madison and Jacob's mummies will be visiting their local National Geographic store for a handful of those rocket spares.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

day fourteen | guitar player in the making

Noah loves nothing more than to play my Darling Husband's guitar.

He crawls over to it, and strums a few strings, gives it a bang and slides his hand up and down the fret.

It sounds great.

Of course, it's not melodic or anything. But he sure gives it a shot.

A muso in the making?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

day thirteen | refuelling

Tuesdays are pool days, and it's definitely the highlight of the week. Madison jumps out of bed in the morning with a little extra kick in his step. And you can imagine how much more excited that makes him.

He wants to put his board shorts on immediately, and everything that he does that morning is so he can "go to the cool" (he doesn't say pool properly just yet).

After his half hour swimming class, it's time to play in the water with Mummy and Baby Noah (and his little circle of regular pool friends). And what fun we have jumping in and out, in and out, in and out... you get the drift.

So, after all the splashing and diving, jumping and giggling, refuelling is a must. Usually it's a quick bite so he doesn't miss out on the action in the pool...

Monday, April 12, 2010

day twelve | big loader

In the days before Thomas the Tank Engine train sets, toys use to have names that didn't represent a fictional character, TV show or movie.

When Leah was little, she was given a Tomy Big Loader. It's awesome. It has a little vehicle that turns into a truck, a digger and a front loader. It carries ball bearings from one vehicle to another through it's delivery chute and tracks. Leah just loved it.

The best thing about the Big Loader is that it still works and provides hours of fun and entertainment for Leah's little brother Madison 13 years later.

In fact, there were squeals of delight at one point this morning when Madison exclaimed, "Oooh Mummy, the blueberries went down the track really, really fast!"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

day eleven | what goes up...

Noah has taken to climbing.

I guess that's completely natural and normal, seeing he's on his Inaugural World Discovery Tour. And that's what a 10-month old boy does. He works out his limits by climbing, and then takes the steps to see what happens next.

As an adult, it's very interesting watching a child learn, as we've already experienced it and we usually know our limits and the consequences if we overstep our boundaries. We usually can predict the very immediate future quickly if we hadn't worked it out earlier.

But with babies, it takes a little longer. In my mind's eye, this is how the conversation might go in Noah's head. That is, if he knew how to construct words, sentences, and knew what things were called:

"I want that plate. Oooh, a chair. I want that plate. Maybe if I... just... get... up... here...

"Damn! I can't reach that plate.

"I want to open that drawer. Let me just reach over there... and... get... that... drawer...

"Doh! I can't reach that drawer.

"I want that glass on the table. I'll just...

"Woah! I can't do that either.

"There doesn't seem to be anything else I want up here.  I'll just... get.. down... from... here...


"How do I do that?"

As I said, it takes a little longer...

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today was one of those days where we just chilled out and spent time together. No housework. No rushing. Just relaxing.

I love Saturdays.

Friday, April 09, 2010

day nine | hide and seek

Madison does the cutest things when we play hide and seek:

1. He refers to himself as the third person: "Mummy, where'th Madithon?"
2. He thinks that I can't see him if he covers his eyes.
3. He giggles profusely when I look for him.
4. He is so excited when I find him.
5. Then he hides in the same place again.

And that smile is heart melting. I love him.

day eight | pantry delights

These days, the words, "Mum, look what Noah did" are filled with wonder and dread.

Wonder because, seriously, how did he outsmart me this time?

And dread, because I will need to find a chunk of time to clean up "what Noah did".

So, with two big work project deadlines looming (last one due tomorrow morning), I confess to not having a plethora of patience I may otherwise had for my son's curiosity.

Usually, it is amazing seeing the world through the eyes of children. And usually I laugh with them,or grumble under my breath whilst laughing like a mad woman. (They usually cannot tell the difference between the two.)
But today it wasn't so funny.

And that's not really my children's fault. I blame it on time limitations, stress and lack of sleep.

So today while unpacking the groceries while on my project deadline break, Noah decided he'd unpack the pantry. This in itself is not a new thing. He's been doing this for weeks. He even has an order now. Tins on the floor - check. Packets on the floor - check. Pasta on the floor - check. Spreads on the floor - check.

But today he discovered he can open a new cupboard. The cupboard with new things in it.

He hit gold when he came across the icing sugar duster (complete with filled-to-the-top icing sugar).

Now, I'm not sure how he did it, but while I was cleaning up the tins and packets, he crawled off with the container in his hand and went dusting.

Out of the kitchen, into the hallway, down the hall, down his shirt, down his shorts.

That's when I was alerted.

And when I grabbed the camera, it was just in time for me to take a photo before Madison then dusted himself and the whole floor area in his radius.

Let me tell you, I'm not looking forward the time when Noah can say the words, "Mum, look what Madison did."


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

day seven | toilet obsession

Each day passes and I can't believe how many gorgeous (and naughty) things my children do that is actually worth sharing! I thought that I had my photo of the day at around 11am this morning, but then two more things happened... and just now I have actually captured Noah's obsession with the toilet brush. Mind you, this is the first time he's used it for its actual purpose. (If you haven't heard, he's been putting it in his - gulp - mouth.)

Now, how happy does this boy look?

I think it's time to put him in the bath to get rid of that toilet water down his front...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

day six | the simplest things

There is nothing that makes my children more excited than making something with them from scratch.

A cubby house from lounge cushions and blankets; a car from a cut-out box; a long train using laundry baskets.

The imagination goes wild. And the kids have the best time.

Monday, April 05, 2010


Today was one of those days where you could have had to surgically remove my camera as it has been permanently attached. There was so much action, I have struggled to choose just one photo for today.

But I think this one tops the lot.

Today, Noah successfully ate cigarette ash and chewed some butts. If you know me, you know I hate cigarettes and the addiction that goes with them.

I call them The Death Stick.

So, seeing my son with these babies doesn't impress. There will be a little family meeting in the next couple of days as we lay down some more stringent rules re: cigarette butts sitting around within a Climber's reach.

I haven't forgotten this is 30 Days of Being A Real Parent. And this is what it entails.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

day four | easter egg hunt

Seeing we weren't at home for Easter Sunday, the props were a little simple. But that didn't detract from the excitement of finding chocolate!

day three | sore tummy

It was choppy on the water and so Madison was a little sea sick. But a great excuse to cuddle Aunty Daisy.

day two | famished

We were packing the car for a weekend away, when I looked up to see that Noah had helped himself to the food that hadn't yet made it into the car...

Thursday, April 01, 2010


"Mummy, it doesn't fit right."

"Here, let me do it up at the back for you... there."

"Oh Mummy, that fits much better now!"

30 days of being a real parent

Last year, one of my dearest and oldest friends gave me "the gift that keeps giving" - a magazine subscription.

It was decadence. Every month I knew that I had a date in my bathtub with the latest installment; where I could think about nothing else than the perfect pictures and homely ideas in that magazine.

In one of my monthly indulgences I came across an article called 365 Reasons To Be Grateful. It was a woman's personal project for which every day for one year she took a single Polaroid photograph of something she was grateful for.

It was pure genius. I loved the idea.

Except I didn't have a Polaroid camera.

Then, on the 1st of January, a good friend (who lives in Mongolia, no less) started her 365 Days of Gratitude project on Facebook using her digital camera.

I couldn't believe she stole my idea.

Well, okay. She probably read the same article.

But damn her for doing it first.

Then as I usually do, I began thinking of reasons not to do the project myself. Could I really take a photo for every day of the year? What if I forgot my camera? What if I ran out of things to be grateful for? Perhaps my photos won't be good enough. I really don't have the time...

Then a friend said, just try a month.

I could do that.

And then it hit me. With all the action my boys have partaken of lately, why don't I do it on being a parent - with all the real stuff.

So, I've decided as my duty to the community who read this blog (albeit, a teeny tiny one), the whole of April is dedicated to this very cause.

Welcome to 30 days of being a real parent.

This ought to be a little bit of fun at least.