Thursday, December 24, 2015


Tis the season to be jolly indeed! My favourite season of the year, allbeit, kind of silly. It doesn't have that reputation for nothing, I suppose.

Food Club has been a rarity of late with only a few being held in 2015. Such a sadness as we all do love Food Club so much! So, as we hadn't celebrated in a while (and were all stupidly busy), we had a laid back Christmas Food Club with finger food and nibbles so we didn't have to spend too long in the kitchen preparing. As a result, lots of snacking, drinking and laughing was had.

Melissa, our gorgeous host, had the table looking divine with a holly centrepiece, gorgeous bonbons and fairy lights. She even had treats in a box (a zumbo macaroon) and a gorgeous sparkly Christmas decoration for each of our trees.

Katie, our local farmer and creative extraordinaire surprised us with gifts - little jars of honey made by her farm of bees at home.

Our clever cake maker, Melanie, unfortunately is leaving for Vietnam, so this was her last Food Club with us. We will miss you Mel, and look forward to the odd occasion you can come back for Food Club. We are especially looking forward to a Food Club at your place sometime soon ;)

Our Christmas menu included:

Iced tea (in Christmas baubles!)

Cheese platter (with homemade quince paste)
Prawn kebabs
Mini cheese bakes
Spinach cob
Nuts & bolts
Bauble and ribbon salad

Toblerone mousse
Malt mint slice
Kate's gingerbreads

It was all delicious!