Wednesday, September 01, 2010

22nd silly thing | things that don't work

If you know anything about me (or have read the above link 'your questions answered') you will know that I'm a little bit of a techno-nerd. But nobody seems to believe me.

Here's proof:
  • I was super excited when work updated my laptop recently.
  • The latest version of Adobe Design Premium sent me into a dizzy spin.
  • When I purchased an iPhone, I couldn't sleep with the excitement.
  • the minute the T-Hub was available to me, I arranged a package with Telstra.
  • a digital set top box was on special at one of my favourite stores, and I bought it without hesitation.
Of course my love for technology is severely debilitated by our finances (having children will do that).

I dream of a surround sound system, flat screen digital television and computer all joined up. Then my graphic designs would truly be on the big screen (I'd love to work on that)! Oh, and I'd have a row of iPads too. One for every family member. Wouldn't that be nice? (Sigh.)

Anyhow, back to the set top box. It was bought for my husband's birthday so he could watch TV at his convenience (he really hates the ads, plus he refuses to be locked into a TV program at any one time). He went away for work (as he does regularly), and I thought I would surprise him before he got home and have it installed.

Well, he came back last night and the above picture is what he came home to. And we still don't have digital television.

You see, I haven't had much success in putting it together. I even called my husband to see if he could help me. In Sydney. Then I called a male friend (after all, he's a guy - he'll know what to do). In Adelaide. Then my step-dad. In Adelaide. You see, technically my helpers in the other state would be able to help me if they lived nearby. But have you ever tried to connect a stereo, DVD player and a television succesfully to a set top box over the phone without seeing how it works? Me neither, so it would seem.

And the control freak in me is, well, freaking out. And I refrain from giving up on anything. I'm no quitter.

But I am really tempted.

The thought of returning the product is also quite tempting, because as much as a carpenter shouldn't blame his tool for not working, I'm doing just that.

But here's the state of the box:

It may have been left it out a few minutes too long. Not on purpose of course. It's just that my son is just as obsessed with boxes as I am with technology.

So, what to do? I'm in a quandry. Any ideas?