Tuesday, September 28, 2010

x is for kisses

X: For kisses. Lots.

Each day is interspersed with cuddles and kisses.

Madison will hop on my lap and tell me he loves me. Then he'll ask for a kiss and then promptly wipe it off. It's his new thing. I think he's trying to be cool. And is hoping for a reaction.

Noah is a very, very busy boy. But throughout the day he'll hop up on my lap for his kiss dose, pretend he doesn't like it, but bring his cheek closer to my face for a little bit more (complete with cute smirk). And then he promptly hops back down to get back on with his discovering.

And every night after stories are read, prayers said, and nappies on, there's my favourite time.

Kiss time.

My eldest son says with his cute little lisp, "Mummy, give me lots and lots of lots of kisses!"

And I do. He is smothered. He giggles. I tickle. He kisses back. We do Butterfly Kisses (eyelashes on cheeks) and Maori ones (nose to nose) too. Noah joins in for a piece of the action as well.

There is nothing I hate about this time. Listening to those adorable infectious giggles and kissing those chubby, velvet cheeks. It's my favourite time of the day where nothing else matters except the overwhelming love I have for my beautiful boys.

The A-Z of Parenting Tips were inspired by this article in the Courier Mail.