Sunday, September 05, 2010

c is for consistency

Consistency: Children need parents to be consistent. This fosters a sense of security and helps them feel safe. C is also for curiosity. Curious families tend to be interesting and not overly absorbed in their own issues.

Does sending my eldest boy to the naughty spot around 3 times a day consistent? Does discovering my youngest boy with the toilet brush in his hand (yet again) consistent?

Well then, there is a lot of consistency in this house.

Okay, okay, I know that's not what the C Parenting Tip actually means, but after days like Friday, this is my interpretation.

So I was taking some photos of Madison 'helping' vacuum the house (he was vacuuming the vacuum cleaner because "it was dirty", and then vacuuming himself). Then looked around for Noah to take some snaps too. I found him in his favourite place, and seriously think he wants to be a toilet cleaner - not when he grows up - but now. After reminding him for the hundredth time this month not to go into the bathroom (why doesn't anyone shut that door?), I returned to my little helper with the vacuum cleaner just in time to see the machine cut out and the 'fix me' light switch to red. The reason? He'd decided to suck up all the tissues in a brand new tissue box and overloaded the bag, the hose and the machine.

Aren't my boys curious?

But sometimes I get so anal about making sure I'm consistent, that I tend to lean towards making a deal out of everything, instead of picking my fights (like my husband highly recommends). And sometimes it's good to let things go, isn't it? Hmm, where to find the middle of the swinging pendulum...

And as a result I think I'm consistently inconsistent.

Confused? Me too.

In the continual struggle to find balance, this particular parenting tip is difficult. And it would be so much easier if I was always the same level of patient, the same level of tired. I'm sure it would help even out the way I dealt with things.

How about you? Do you feel that you're consistent? That your family is incredibly curious?

The A-Z of Parenting Tips were inspired by this article in the Courier Mail.