Saturday, September 25, 2010

t is for teeth

Teeth: Teach your children good oral hygiene and practise it yourself. They'll only get two sets of teeth which need to last their lifetime.

Yes, I know. Brush morning and night, morning and night. Get them into good habits. Encourage them to do it themselves.

I have a mouth phobia. It's true. I'm self conscious about bad breath, bits in teeth and decay. My parents spent a small fortune on my teeth, and as a result I've been very careful. I'm even the proud of owner of just one teeny tiny filling - and a dentist told me he'd hardly count it as it's so small. I'm smug.

So, you'd think my boys might pick up on this and be vigilant about brushing their teeth.

Or perhaps they've picked up on my compulsive disorder and are rebelling.

Seriously, I've tried every idea in the book. I make it fun (berry bubble toothpaste anyone?), I pick cute toothbrushes, and even bought an electric one for the kids. Then, because encouraging hasn't worked, then I've tried more scary tactics. Like the story about the Decay Monsters who eat their teeth if they're not cleaned. I've sat them on my lap and 'helped'. I've even forced them to brush their teeth when times are tough.

It sends me into a frenzy thinking they could have fillings at such a young age. And this is one thing I won't be 'easy going' about. Hubby thinks that I'm a bit of a tooth Nazi.

How do you ensure your kids brush their teeth properly? What has worked for you?

The A-Z of Parenting Tips were inspired by this article in the Courier Mail.