Monday, September 27, 2010

just when you thought...

Just when you thought life was getting a little mundane, something happens that snaps you out of the daily fog.

The day started in the most usual way, but then became much more interesting by early afternoon. We would have been at the park having a picnic, but it rained. (Thanks Melbourne.) But instead we stayed home and baked and played. We were in the middle of an intense game of charades when the phone rang. I took the call.

"Hi Kym. This is... Do you remember me? You may think this is left field, but I was wondering if you'd be interested in working...?"

Today I was headhunted. Can you believe it?

A directorship. An important job.

I was shocked. My first thoughts were, I think he's got the wrong number. But he did ask for me by name. And he had my number. So perhaps it wasn't a joke after all.

Then I thought, but I'm just a mum. I'm supposed to be the background person, working quietly raising my offspring, and supporting my husband in his current role. I'm enjoying the mummy ride. Okay, not enjoy the tight financial bits, but mostly I'm loving it.

As he spoke, the reality dawned on me.

Then there were questions. Lots of them. And he was on the firing line. Poor guy. And because I was able to, one of the questions included, "Why me?". Which of course is the opposite of a normal job interview when you are trying to convince them why you're the best one for the job. It all sounded so reasonable. He knew I had two young kids and that was to be considered. That was one of the selling points of having me. "Because you are a great role model."

Who... me?

When it was all over I re-assessed my first thoughts. Why would I be surprised by a call like this? I've held my own in quite a few jobs, I was qualified enough and I've worked in the industry before. Just because I'm a mum doesn't mean that I'm off limits. I tsked tsked myself all afternoon over my lack of confidence.

How did I get here?

Nothing like a phone call like that to mix things up a bit.