Wednesday, September 01, 2010

abcs of parenting

First of all, thanks so much for joining me on my silly ride.

It's time to reflect on a month of silly things and realise that if you're going to take a really honest look in the mirror, it will be letting you family and friends (and possibly the whole world) know about your embarrassing habits. Well, the less cringe-worthy ones anyway.

And on the up side, writing about these traits certainly gets you doing something about them.

Like the broken glass eye cream jar. I invested in a plastic pump pack and my eyes (and fingers) have been ever so grateful. The make up samples... I decided that it might be best to save money on other things to pay off my husband's recent Europe trip. And I plan to be so unorganised for my next family baby arrival, that they will think that I've forgotten all about them. Although I am still quite fandangled as to how to put together the set top box. Perhaps it's a good thing, as I'm not really a big TV fan. But on days like today I wouldn't mind an all day kids channel...

So, a new theme. How about the A-Z of parenting tips inspired by this article I read in the Courier Mail? Because "raising children should be as simple as ABC" (apparently). That should be fun. Because I'm such an expert at it. You know, fabulous and perfect (cough, cough). But more my take on parenting.

Now, that could be interesting.