Tuesday, February 27, 2007

last day in png

To say it was emotional was an understatement.

We said goodbye (but not forever) to our friends and colleagues in Papua New Guinea.

Yes. We cried

Yes. It was emotionally draining.

Yes. I didn't want to go.

But go, we did. We flew to Port Moresby and then spent the evening with Zillar and her sister and tambu. It was special and memorable. Especially Z holding Maddy after a late night naked swim in the Gateway Hotel pool after eating pizza and salad.

We have so many special memories of PNG and our friends there, I know we will go back again. It is also necessary so then Madison can see his friends again and know how loved he was in his first six months. As they say in PNG, he is 'mange PNG' or as my husband says: "Made in PNG".

Pics: ADRA staff with Madison, Zillar holding Madison after a pool swim.

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