Friday, April 13, 2007


Last weekend was awesome.

It was as close to a family reunion that I will ever have (except for the Christmas to come - but more about that at Christmas!). My 'baby' brother Stephen came to Melbourne and we headed to Phillip Island where my Dad and Step-mum have their beach house.

It was a scream and lots of fun. I think my little sister was in absolute heaven with so many brothers and sisters around. And my brother really brings out the 'naughty' in her! And my dad enjoyed having three of his four brood around. Yep, and we ate way to well with Ria's cooking.

We checked out the penguins and had a bit of fun on the side and ate too much junk while waiting for the sun to go down and for the penguins to come home. The penguin show was a little disappointing... not quite as many as I had hoped, but still it was cute watching them all come out of the ocean and waddle their way home. Just only around 100 instead of the thousands I had imagined.

Overall, it was such a relaxing weekend and Maddy really enjoyed his first easter egg. Did someone say Choklat? I think that will be his first word. Not mummy and daddy...!

Oh, and did I mention how beautiful the weather was?

| Stephen, Daisy and I filling in time; Madison enjoying the scrumptious weather at Phillip Island. |

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