Thursday, May 24, 2007

happy birthday

It's now a year since Madison was born (well, tomorrow anyway). As most mums say, "the time has just flown by" and reflecting back, it's been a busy year.

How anyone can believe in evolution still has me stumped, and now I am more sure than ever that it isn't possible. Especially when I see the miracle of a baby growing into an adult. The learning curve is amazing.

Just today I visited a friend who has just had a baby. Holding this precious little bundle brought back to me that only a year ago, Madison was that small and helpless. Now he can get himself around and continues to delight in the Education Game called Discovery.

He continues to dazzle me with his fascination with life and it helps me to appreciate the little things all over again.

My best friend Janine was over last weekend and for those of you who know her, she is a scrapbooking addict. She loves it so much she owns her own scrapbooking store and is on an elite design team for her designs (go to ScrapbookStation if you're interested!). She is also published regularly in the scrapbook magazines. Anyway, she has been convincing me of scrapbooking, and thinks I could be good for it.

Well, she hadn't convinced me until now as I just don't have anywhere to store lots of papers and pretty embellishments, until she told me about digital scrapbooking. I did some googling and was quite impressed at what you can do. And it seems to be more my price range (which always helps!). Even though I haven't bought anything 'scrappie' just yet, I have been fiddling with my newfound knowledge in Adobe Illustrator and think that this could be my new hobby! It's the beginning of something beautiful, I think!

Happy birthday Beautiful Sunshine. May there be many wonderful birthdays to come...

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  1. He, He!! So you are having a little bit of fun with digital scrapbooking!! Some good sites to visit.... and check out their digital kits as well as their digi gallery. I also like designer digitals as well, they have some great stuff. I will have to email you some more links.


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