Sunday, March 16, 2008

a day on the farm

Last week we made the most of the lovely weather and headed to our Spring Gully property in Castlemaine where we did a little maintenance. Of course, it's too hard to tell Madison it's an investment property. But because of large space of land, the three horses, two dogs, cats and the odd bunny, it's the farm to him.

It's quiet and beautiful here, and the day is very busy for the little guy who spends most of his day pointing and saying excitedly, "horth (horse), deg (dog), kit (cat)", and then all the noises that are associated with each animal.

Instead of getting straight into the urgent maintenance matters, we made a day out of it, and I packed a picnic which we enjoyed sitting under the shade of a big tree.

By the end of the day, Madison was exhausted from running around the 3-acre property, chasing the cat, patting and feeding the dogs and running away from the horses.

Usually the last hour before leaving becomes a little challenging as Madison is too excited to possibly sleep his usual 3 hours in the middle of the day, but too tired to actually be functional for the everyday activity. And his poor eyes get so heavy. They just want to shut tight.

Above: Before and after: feeding the dog is SO MUCH FUN!, Madison needing a lie down after all the excitement.

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