Monday, September 22, 2008


On the rare occasion, I get to catch up with an old school friend who has recently moved to Melbourne. We don't exactly live within five minutes of each other, so our visits are not regular I must admit. But when we do, it's like no time has passed and we talk non-stop and also to observe the dynamics between our boys. They are only a few months apart, and so are at that joyous 'sharing' stage.

Although I tried when he was a baby, Madison was not interested at all in a dummy. But as you can see after this visit, he was quite interested in trying one out. When we got home from this particular day, he said, "My Dummy, Mummy". So I scrounged around in his old baby stuff and, low and behold, found just one. So, he popped it in his mouth (upside down to top it off), and pretended to be a dummy sucking expert - for a few minutes anyway.

I'm sure the dummy has gotten 'lost' somewhere just recently. And it seems he has forgotten it for now... but I wonder what will happen at our next visit?

Above: Emerson and Madison defending the dummy title.

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