Sunday, November 02, 2008

feeling christmas a little early

I know it's October, but I am feeling the Christmas vibe right now. Inspired by my card making, it's been so much fun to create cards from scratch. And after making 20 or so cards, I was ready for a specific project.

So first job on the list was to create a Christmas card which I could duplicate for family and friends... and off I went.

And in a two-day sitting they were done. So, what next?

On Thursday, I started the Christmas shopping. Immediate family members: check. Hubby: check. Close friends: check.

Then I headed to the Myer Christmas Store and bought more baubels to go on our brand new big tree (which our eldest Kelly and I purchased just days before Christmas last year – and looked very empty last year). Needless to say I want to put it up already.

I asked a friend if it was too early to put up the tree now, and she said (ever so politely because I am sure she thinks I have gone completely nuts), it’s possible after the Christmas pageant (yes, South Aussies have one of those). So, technically I can put it up next Saturday.

But then I asked my hubby, who by the way, is MUCH too practical. He says it's way too early. His very rational reasons included the fact that Christmas would be too long a wait for our two year old... which of course is much too logical for me who just wants to do it... just because!

I am happy to wait perhaps another week or two, but I am sure I can find an excuse to put it up sooner than 1st December! Perhaps I can use the following excuses:

1. There is a lull in madness right now and to prepare for Christmas which will be REALLY busy...
2. The lounge room needs a little something extra in it, like some colour...
3. I need another creative outlet...
4. Madison is sick of playing outside (cough, cough that will NEVER happen)...
5. I need a weekend activity (like we don’t have enough of those with our built-in wardrobes needing painting, our gardening needing finishing, etc)...

I think all those excuses are way too weak. I need a really good excuse, but am failing dreadfully to come up with a real goodie.


  1. You are WAY to organised!!!!! I avoid the tree trimming until the last minute as we dont have enough room in our house for it!

  2. Aaah, but you have been putting that damn thing up and down for ages now! This is only my second year... :-)

  3. I'm actually 'doing' Christmas this year. The kids and the family will be with me so I figured I'd better make an effort. Somehow I've managed to score a large, glow-in-the-dark Santa which I'm sure will add a whole lot of class to my living room...

    ...OK, I think I'm going to have to come around and get some decorating tips from you.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx