Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am like any mother, and think my children are gorgeous (of course).

But just this week at playgroup a friend was looking at Madison and said, "He is just SO good looking. Like Hollywood Good Looking."

At first I thought, oh dear - pretentious and self loving. Luckily she reclarified that he was JUST that good looking. The compliment has just made my week.

Even though you won't see me pushing him to be a child star, I am still like any other mother...


  1. Unfortunately, these kind of thoughts can lead to communication problems later in life...

    10-year-old son: "Something, something...at school...something...traded sandwiches...something, something...giant bird-eating spiders...something...screaming and running...something..."

    Melody (thinking): My god, he's so beautiful.

    10-year-old: "Mum? Mum? Are you even listening to me? Whatever. I'm going to play computer.

  2. Yep, watch out Brad Pit, there is a new kid on the blog and he is cute....or is that just Brad doing a Benjamin button thing???

  3. Melody: I agree wholeheartedly. I look at Madison when he says (what I think are) the cutest things. And when he says it, I could kiss him all over! But probably not as wonderful for everyone else! But better watch out for the communication problem later on. (Right now, he loves cuddles and kisses).

    Janine, there is absolutely nothing cute about Benjamin Button as a baby... so probably, DEFINITELY not BB. Phew.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx