Sunday, April 19, 2009

ready for baby?

It's been a week of normality(?) now that the renovating has mostly finished.

New tenants have moved in, rent has gone up, and it's really only another day or two of working on the investment properties before everything is finished (for a while anyway). There is relief to know that we are at the end of renovations and not at the beginning. I think I could actually cry if I had to do that much work again being this pregnant! (Did I mention I have 4 weeks to go?)

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I think it takes about a week to settle back at home. You know, unpack the bags, do ALL the washing and unpack the trailer of tools and mattresses, not to mention clean the house that has been pretty much vacant except for the spiders and our odd sleepover. It's like camping with all the EXTRA bits. I think there we even unpacked some spare pickets to tease us for the fence that we desperately need at our house.

But the inspiration for today's blog is the comment made by a friend assuming because of my anally retentive nature, that I was all ready for the baby.

Confession: I haven't been. That is, until just very, very recently.

I guess with all the busyness of renovating there hasn't been much time to think about the baby actually coming. Plus there's been a part of me that hasn't cared too much. Why? I guess I'll just be unorganised again 6 weeks the other side of childbirth so who cares? And the other part (obviously the more organised side) that's freaking out about not having absolutely everything ready right this minute.

The organised side won. And this week is evidence of that.

On Thursday I bought a newborn grobag and a bunch of Avent plastic containers and grobag baby wrap, Friday I bought newborn nappies in bulk, some wraps and cradle sheets (after a very, very thorough clean of the house - no corner was left unturned) and today. Well, that's something else.

There have been lots of little jobs outstanding for some time now (backdating Christmas) and today I found the hammer, drill and screwdrivers (all still in the boot of the car) and did every single job (except one - I really need DH for that one). Then I finished painting the wardrobe in Madison's room (it's been at this stage also since before Christmas). I cleaned off the paint on EVERY hinge in the house (the wardrobes that we finished before Christmas), then cleaned the new wardrobe. And without trying to give away what we're having, I culled and went through all of Madison's baby clothes.

Then I did something very exciting.

I put up the cradle. Yes! It was so exciting that even Madison said the baby was kicking in his stomach (did I mention that he has a baby too?). He was quite the excited little boy.

So, apart from the baby's and my hospital bags, I'm ready for this baby.


  1. My goodness, I think the nesting instinct is setting in!! I'm tired just reading about all you have done! Cant believe it is only 4 weeks to go! WOW!! You will be holding your little one in no time at all.

  2. Yay! That is some serious nesting you've got going on, my dear. When I was pregnant with the twins it was quite bizarre. The nesting happened a whole lot earlier - like around 25 weeks. I think it was because my body knew that at 36 weeks I just wouldn't be physically able to do it! Enjoy the anticipation of waiting to meet your little one. You definitely sound ready to me!!


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx