Saturday, May 02, 2009

the twinnies' birthday

You probably don't know this, but my dad is a twin. And not only that, he just turned 60 this week. So, just 36 weeks into my pregnancy (!) I flew to Hobart to spend time with my dad, his family and his twin sister Di, who also flew in (from Adelaide) to join in on the celebrations.

My visit was meant to be a surprise, with my step-mum scheming a few weeks back. But the surprise was short-lived as Dad found out soon after the tickets were booked (naught, naughty - he shouldn't have been reading messages on my step-mum's phone). Nonetheless, it happened (well, it almost didn't after a short emergency at Tiger Airways - let's just say that I was a little close to my due date for their comfort!).

Apart from the fact that my step-mum is an amazing cook (among other things - her latest thing is renovating), our time in Tassie was gastronomic. Oh, and fun too!

Dinner at an Italian restaurant for the twinnies on Thursday night, and Pavlova at home for dessert, Friday included eggs for breakfast, apple & cinnamon pancakes for lunch and then sweet chilli salmon for dinner... yum!

My big tummy looks like I'm going to have a baby, but I think there might be some reserves from this weekend!

Seriously though, apart from being waited on hand and foot (Maria does not let me do ANYTHING), spending time chilling with family, was hearing just some highlights of their 60 years. The best bit: absolutely no regrets.

Above: Di, my step-mum Maria; Dad; Me, Madison and my beautiful sister Daisy; Di, Dad & The Pav; Saying goodbye at Hobart airport.

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  1. That is just too funny about almost not being able to fly! You could have claimed you were only 34 weeks. Who would really know!


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