Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's amazing... I wasn't sure how I was going to juggle the two little men in my life. And, like most mothers, I was feeling guilty about all the time I would have to divide between the both of them.

Of course, I've quickly worked out that I spend time with Madison while Noah is sleeping, and spend most of my early morning hours with Noah. Aaah, the life!

But I am so in love with my boys, my heart aches (in a good way). They are so beautiful. I'm even in love with my big man (he's been cooking dinner every night since I came home from hospital - among many other things).

Madison just loves his little brother. Whenever he sees him, he says: "Who's that?" Of course he knows the answer, and so then he says: "It's Baby Noah!" Too cute. And then there are the endless cuddles and kisses that land on Baby Noah from his big brother. Madison has also gotten use to telling every one that it's his baby brother. He's so proud.

The first week was the hardest adjustment for Madison. Having to share Mummy with another person (how awful). But now, he realises it's not too bad, and mostly Mummy is there for him. She just needs to feed Noah a lot. But there's room on Mummy's lap to cuddle two little boys at the same time.

As for Noah, he is a dream come true. So perfect in every way. Even his little tummy is good for Mummy. He burps and settles really well. Last night he even gave Mummy six hours uninterrupted sleep.

In fact, when he sleeps that long, I miss him already...

I am in newborn baby bliss.

PS. More amazing photos from the incredibly gifted Felicity Thomson. You can see more of her beautiful pictures of us here.


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying being a Mum to a newborn again! Love the pic, just beautiful.


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