Sunday, December 27, 2009

mum's 60th

This year, both my parents turned 60. Apart from the shock that they are really getting older, I was fortunate to be able to celebrate with both of them at the separate occasions.

Earlier in the year was my father's, and in September was my mother's. She was in bliss to see her newest grandson and spend some time with her immediate family.

My step sister is one amazing woman who makes the most amazing cupcake/chocolate/dessert delights, and she created quite the masterpiece bouquet of cupcakes for mum's birthday. To top it off, she arranged my two brothers (who both live in the U.S.A.) to write a letter to her sharing her special qualities and what she means to them. So, there were tears! My step-sister is one thoughtful and amazing person!

Time with family is time well spent.

Above: Mum with her amazing bouquet of cupcakes; Mum & Me; my step-sister Karen with her son Joshua; me & Noah; Mum, my step-dad Roger and the boys.

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