Thursday, August 09, 2012


Excuse me while I backdate a little right now.

A few weeks' back there was a wildlife display in Warburton, around an hour from where I live. It's such a delightful drive just getting there. The lovely little towns are a must to stop at on the way home. There is something about The Valley.

Oh, and it's freezing outside. Always.

So, here are my lads and their little friends having a hold of the wildlife.

Madison was tentative at first, but he soon braved up.

On the side, isn't Zoe just a peach? I get the pleasure of looking after her and her big sister every week. She is just so cute. And if my son Noah doesn't go out with her (when they're 27, of course!), I'll be very disappointed. Look at the love, won't you?

Aside from the love and cuddles, we all had an amazing afternoon together. And yes, we stopped on the way back to have a touristy sneaky peek. When we arrived home I felt refreshed and it felt like more than just a few hours, more like a mini-break.

I can't wait for another excuse to get out of the city for another tourist trip.

Do you feel refreshed after getting out of the house for a few hours?


  1. Oh my goodness, those two could well be the next great love story. How beautiful Kymmie. Loving these photos, I never grow tired of taking snaps of my boys and their little friends, so much joy.
    And looks like they had a wonderful time getting back to nature there too.
    Sweet post xoxo


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx