Sunday, December 02, 2012


In an effort to be creative, I made some origami cups three years ago for our Advent Calendar. I wanted something that would be big enough to put a couple of treats in as well as a note. I bought packets of christmas paper, and then made each one different with some scrapbooking stuff I had. Of course, I would do it differently now that Pinterest has upped the ante with beautiful Advent Calendars there to view. But the kids love that each one is different, and that they hold something special inside.

Day 2: Choose a favourite Christmas DVD and watch as a family (with a small container of bubbles each).

What child doesn't love bubbles!? 

Delighted, both boys headed outside to blow bubbles. Noah is still learning how to aim his breath the right way, and so took a little practice. But he tried and tried until he literally ran out of bubble mixture!

Madison still has most of his mixture, and felt that riding his bike would be more fun than the art of blowing bubbles (especially seeing he mastered that a few years back!)

The boys both had such a big day on Saturday, they put themselves to bed after lunch. Yes, you read right. They put themselves to bed. It seems miracles do happen sometimes!

That evening, we chose Shrek The Halls, a movie which the lads just love. Plus it's short enough to still have an early night. Win-win.

I just love nights when we can all hang out together. Especially cuddling together under a big blanket! Good times don't get any better than this.

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