Tuesday, April 02, 2013


The renovations are at their worst: no space for privacy while our family step over each other in the two tiny rooms we live in. But there is light at the end of the tunnel - and straight floors too. Re-blocking a house is the most important step in renovating, and then we can go up from there.

Everyone is so friendly, it's easy to feel comfortable here. So many thoughtful parents have enquired about how Madison has settled in at the school, we're almost feeling like locals. Our family is becoming known around town, just not possibly not in the best light - Noah broke an ice cream counter in a cute cafe in the main street. Now, that's a reputation to beat!

| Daddy's little helper; the beginnings of autumn - making minestrone soup; peaceful Saturday afternoons playing the guitar; this little magnetic rocket has provided hours of entertainment for our three year old (who would've thought?); colouring-in while waiting for a pub meal in our local beer garden; underneath ugly facades are the most beautiful things; the weeks are big and the lads are so tired from all the changes - sleep is just the thing; you know there's a beach nearby when you see a norfolk pine-lined street. |


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    1. Oh Claire, Port Fairy is so beautiful. It's really gotten under our skin! x

  2. Renovations can be frightening at first, but in the end? So worth it :-)

    1. So true A. This is our fifth Reno. We knew what we were getting into ;)


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