Thursday, June 26, 2014


Chicks Rule was the theme for this month's Food Club. But in my book, anyone who makes delicious food is a legend.

While we were able to choose any female chef or cook, most of us chose Janelle Bloom. Notable mentions included Donna Hay, Stephanie Alexander, Anna Gare and Martha Stewart. The menu looked a lot like this:

Ginger Caipirinihas by Martha Stewart

Individual entrée platters with assorted Martha Stewart appetisers (Martha's Cheddar Cheese Ball, Thyme Crackers, Herbed Cheese with Pears, Pine Nuts and honey, Sauteed black olives with tomatoes, gingered nuts)

Roast Pumpkin Soup by Donna Hay

Chicken Pot Pies by Janelle Bloom
Roasted mushrooms by Janelle Bloom
Sweet Potato and Cashew nut couscous salad with Roast Chicken by Janelle Bloom
Greek styled Bean salad with Haloumi by Janelle Bloom
Roast Pumpkin and Coconut Curry with Spinach and Water Chestnuts by Anna Gare

Rum, raisin and honeycomb slice by Janelle Bloom
Sticky toffee pudding by Stephanie Alexander

But do you know what I loved the most? That my sweet foodies came to my home, and I was able to be part of Food Club after being AWOL for the past three food clubs. You have no idea the sadness! It was so lovely to be eating with my favourite foodies once more.

And as you can tell, the food was just awful.

Tell me, have you started your own food club yet?

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