Thursday, August 07, 2014


Do you know the best thing about being in the depths of winter? That spring is not too far away. Despite running around on the beach at zero (!!!) degrees for a little photo shoot, soon the sun will be here longer, warming our backs and faces. Shortly, we will don our shorts and remove our layers. It's so exciting! I've embraced the beanies, scarves and jackets, but am ready for them to packed away for another six months.

My five year old decided he wanted hair for warmer weather too. This week, after asking and asking, I cut it all off. It takes a couple of looks for me to remember this is my baby. But here he is. All ready for warm weather and school.

Aussie readers, are you looking forward to spring?

Wearing: HOODIE, Nautica. TEE, Nautica. CARGO SHORTS, Nautica. SHOES, Converse.

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