Friday, September 26, 2014


Once upon a time, I use to be home more. I had time to bake cupcakes, play with children and live in what seemed to be a never-ending story of toys and children clutter. Each week, in addition to my own little lad, I had my "Friday Children". Most weeks, two friends and I did a 'kid swap' so we could manage a child free day to work on our growing businesses (go and check out my clever friends here: Kipindi Photography and Tildys).

These children don't see each other every week like they use to, and I miss them so much. Little sandy footprints on the wooden floors, happy sounds from our little cubby house. Requests for popcorn while watching Mickey Mouse... those days seem so long ago.

School is so close now. And in less than a few months, these kids will be uniformed up, and carrying a bag bigger than themselves.

A chapter is about to close, and I'm feeling so fondly about a time that was so good.

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