Wednesday, October 08, 2014


I know, I know. It's been so terribly impersonal here lately. There's the 52 project which keeps my beloved family happy with updates of the lads, but there's not much here about what's new with us.

What with kinder half days, working more, starting my own business, renovating a beach cottage... there just doesn't seem to be the energy to put myself into this space. I'm not letting you know that I'm quitting this blog (hell no!), but visiting here has ended up being more random than I ever thought it would be. It's just the last thing on my ever-growing list.

But now that the house is quiet, and there's some rare time for reflection, here I sit. Pondering on the year that is passing by too quickly to understand.

Yes, it's been busy. Kinder for three hours a day is not constructive to any sort of work, and the feeling of watching my clock has become habit. How I long for hours of uninterrupted time just to get into a productive space without the need for a pick up/drop off/appointment.

Yet while I say how busy it's been, there's been a little space for friends. Time to discover a new playground or take an afternoon stroll. Here and there are tiny gaps of peace.

And some quiet in the crazy.

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