Wednesday, September 09, 2015


I watched this footage and cried. Yes, actually cried. It's beautiful, it's sad, but most of all, it's true.

Because there's a part of me that relates so much to the wisdom that is shared. I'm not yet at the end of my life, but feeling the pressure to perform, to outdo, to be perfect.

Turns out, I'm not alone. Did you know:
  • Four out of 10 women (over 12 million) feel that they are about to burn out
  • Nearly half of all women are feeling ‘moderately or extremely’ stressed at the moment (around 15 million women)
  • 88 per cent of women believe that brands and media put too much pressure on them to be the perfect woman
  • One third of women (nearly 10 million) feel they do not have their work-life balance right
  • 80 per cent of women say they put too much pressure on themselves to be perfect even though they accomplish an average of 26 tasks a day
  • The biggest source of pressure on women is themselves - almost three quarters (72 per cent) of women revealed that this pressure is completely down to them
It's time to let go. Where there is opportunity for you to take some control, I grab it with both your capable hands. Hug your children for that bit longer, extend those goodnight kisses, and dance until you can dance no more. As one woman concluded, “This is simply about you as a human being; there's the most important word: being.”

How are you going to stop doing and start being?

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