Tuesday, February 08, 2011


How I love summer. Let me count thy ways:
  1. Making icy poles. Made from lemonade, orange juice or yoghurt. Whatever, is in the fridge. And it seems I've been refilling those babies every day or so.
  2. Crunchy big salads. Fresh from the garden. Nothing like eating a warm sweet tomato straight from the vine.
  3. Boys with no shirts on. Just like Dad.
  4. Baking muffins. Chocolate chip ones. Big ones and small.
  5. ANZAC biscuits. Because it was Australia day last week.
  6. Cold drinks with clinky ice. Because doesn't it sound so fabulous?
  7. Sitting out in the backyard. Watching the lads playing in their new cubby house. Playing shops. And making big mountains in their sandpit.
  8. Listening to the sound of summer. The birds squawking. The cicadas buzzing. The trees blowing in the warm breeze.
  9. Hubby singing and playing his guitar. Outside of course.
  10. Going out in the boat. Need I say more?
What do you love about summer?