Saturday, February 26, 2011


Is it just me, or are you embracing the last days of summer like a crazy person?

Okay, it's just me (and I'm okay with that... really). And even though I know Perth and Sydney have had a hot, hot summer, I'm feeling slightly ripped off by the lack of warm weather here in Melbourne. And there's only two days left of summer. So that means that's it, right?

So, I'm wearing all my summer dresses and making the most of their feminine prettiness.

Even if I'm a bit chilly.

Bargains worth mentioning: these bird earrings for $4 and they're just so cute! The bird's eye is a little diamante.

And this necklace was just $5.

Have you  noticed I have a thing for specials? I'm not big on expensive jewellery, but more a love for costume jewellery (so it doesn't matter if the lads rip it off my neck). There's not real loss. But if I really can't live without it, I have a few jewellery tools to fix things.

And finally, these thongs. How cute is this flower? (Apologies for the sloppy nail polish. I'll be tidying it up right after I post this...)

I really do love this dress, although I've hardly worn it this summer. It can be dressed up, or worn to the beach. I bought it in a little Chinese clothing shop a year ago. And it really didn't cost me very much either (just the way I like it). 

Are you like me and wearing all your summer gear before you have to put them away for another year? Whatever you're wearing, I look forward to seeing what you've worn this week.

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DRESS, Shareen.
Thongs, Corelli.
EARRINGS, Equip ($4).
NECKLACE, Diva ($5).
NAILPOLISH, Revlon Hushed Blush.

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