Saturday, February 19, 2011


With a child at three half days of kinder, I confess I'm enjoying running around on those errands that haven't been done for months. Plus a little more time to browse the shops. Okay, I should be rushing home to get my office work done, but I've been doing that at night and enjoying the 'free' hours. So this week, I'm still ever so grateful for...
  1. Second-hand stores. Oh me, oh my. My love for second-hand stores has returned. (Or perhaps my love for the extra time to browse has returned). I picked up a gorgeous summery dress this week and am wearing it this very moment (see the Fancy Pants post here). And it adds a little more colour to my wardrobe. Plus I was able to purchase (on special) some matching bangles and cute flower thongs. All for the whopping price of $20.
  2. Naturopaths and modern technology. There's nothing like solving a mystery. Especially when it affects your health. I've been the sickest I've ever been the past 5 or so weeks, but one visit to a naturopath (my first visit, ever) had me convinced that I should have done it much earlier. Don't worry, I'm not turning into an alterntive health junkie (well, okay, just a bit). But as a result, my health is on the up and up. And there's nothing better than being grateful for good health.
  3. A little food competition. It's Food Club time, and this month I'm ever so grateful for the return of Food Club for another year, plus being able to host our February theme night: Nigella Vs. Donna. And some scrumptious things were made and eaten. By us. (Did I mention how grateful I am for any recipe created by Donna Hay and Nigella Lawson?)
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