Thursday, February 03, 2011


It finally came. The first day of kindergarten.

The week before, we had talked it up. How much fun it will be. All the things he will learn. All the new friends he will make. He chose his first day of kinder outfit and helped me to label his hat, clothes and shoes.

Last night during dinner, we shared again what he would do at kinder. And the bedtime story was a book I've been saving for this very occasion "My first day at school".

There were lots of questions, and definitely excitement.

But these are the photos I captured as we were going to kinder.

"Mum, I just want to get into the car," he said.

So we did. And I put on his favourite song so it would comfort him while he cried. He was nervous. My throat was dry. I gulped and I put on my happy face.

"It will be so much fun. New toys and lots of new friends to play with."

"But I don't know any of the kids' names," he replied.


We arrived at kinder. We walked through the gate. He held my hand. And then he watched the other kids as they headed into the classrom with their parents. Children were nervous. Others were crying. The situation was tense.

"Look Madison. It's not just you who is nervous."

He brightened. He looked hopeful.

And 20 minutes after he'd found the hook for his backpack, washed his hands and found some toys, he turned to me.

"You can go now Mummy."

I sighed. Relief. Nervousness. Joy.

Turns out he loves kinder, and can't wait to go back. But as I headed to the car holding back tears, I couldn't be sure he would.

Turns out, running errands for the few hours before I returned, sure was easier with just one child.

But these pictures will be the permanent memories of my eldest son going to his first day at kinder.

How was your child's first day at Kinder? And did you try anything new this week?

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  1. I am glad you both survived the first day of kindergarten!

  2. Oh poor baby :-)
    And you did so well not crying!! I remember walking out of kinder and not being able to turn back because I was crying so hard!
    It gets easier ♥

  3. Awww, Madison is so cute in these pictures.

  4. oh my look at that face, you would think youd just told him he was never coming home! lol

    im glad that he enjoyed kinder and im glad that YOU enjoyed the simplicity that comes with running errands with only one child! imagine what it will be like with none! you could become a lady who lunches!

    btw i just have to say, youre teasing me beyond belief with your pics. we see little snippets in the background here and there of your GORGEOUS looking house and dammit i want to see more lol


  5. of course he enjoyed his first day - he probably had all of the little girls swooning over him. everytime i see these boys of yours, i can't get over what little heartbreakers they are.

    glad to hear everything went okay!

  6. Oh Kymmie, that post made me tear up a little. My girl starts kinder next week. She's been dead against the idea all summer, but now we have the uniform she's been dressing up as a 'school girl' all week and said to me yesterday: "I'm a little bit scared, but very interested to go to kinder". Phew, the idea's growing on her - just in time!

    I'm so glad your gorgeous boy had a good day. Here's to a fantastic year of new friends, new discoveries and wonderful memories! And I'm sure one day you'll be able to look at those photos together and giggle.

  7. O great, glad he liked it! What a cute boy
    I'm spending the day with one child today and I can't believe how much easier it is!!

  8. OOOhhh, how adorable! You both made it through. I can vividly remember my eldest's first day at kindy and this week she had her first day at high school. Only two more years and my baby starts kindy. Crazy.

  9. Oh just look at that face! I am emotional reading this and I have a little while to go before my eldest goes to school - or even pre school since I can't get her in anywhere, but I am still choked up just thinking about it.
    Well done getting through your first day and I can only imagine running errands with one child, it sounds like bliss!

  10. This post takes me back to the first day my oldest started kindy and the days that his siblings followed in his steps :)
    SO glad Madison settled in well and enjoyed his first day, he is such an adorable boy!!


  11. He looks so much like you!
    Glad everything went smoothly though... I've got this in a couple years time. :)

  12. Oh that's so lovely. I had a very teary Miss Medium this week as she started year 1 and found it hard to walk away when she was so upset. I'm so glad it all went smoothly for you x

  13. Awwww lot at him :-) We were in the same boat and happily went off. I agree things are so much easier with just one!!

  14. Bless him. He managed beautifully. What a big moment for him.

    Cappers started at Big School this week too. She was a trouper but there were tears at lunchtime and recess and she was sad and lonely. Her big brother came to the rescue and she found her stride and finished the week in very good spirits. So proud. x

  15. I remember Mstr J's first day of kinder so vividly, he cried every time I dropped him off for the first 5 months (even though he had a great time every time!!) I was worried that we would have the same thing when I dropped him off at school on Friday for the first time, I held my breath... but he just smiled and said "Mum, can you pick me up other there so I know where to look when I come out of class" I said "sure thing mate, I will be there" "ok cool - see you later" I was proud of him. They just grow up too fast!

  16. My eldest didn't go to Kinder. When she first started school she happily waved goodbye to me at the gate every morning and said I didn't need to walk in with her. I thought she was so grown up. It came as a real shock to find out from another mum a couple of weeks later that T spent every morning crying by her classroom. I was devastated.

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