Thursday, February 03, 2011


It finally came. The first day of kindergarten.

The week before, we had talked it up. How much fun it will be. All the things he will learn. All the new friends he will make. He chose his first day of kinder outfit and helped me to label his hat, clothes and shoes.

Last night during dinner, we shared again what he would do at kinder. And the bedtime story was a book I've been saving for this very occasion "My first day at school".

There were lots of questions, and definitely excitement.

But these are the photos I captured as we were going to kinder.

"Mum, I just want to get into the car," he said.

So we did. And I put on his favourite song so it would comfort him while he cried. He was nervous. My throat was dry. I gulped and I put on my happy face.

"It will be so much fun. New toys and lots of new friends to play with."

"But I don't know any of the kids' names," he replied.


We arrived at kinder. We walked through the gate. He held my hand. And then he watched the other kids as they headed into the classrom with their parents. Children were nervous. Others were crying. The situation was tense.

"Look Madison. It's not just you who is nervous."

He brightened. He looked hopeful.

And 20 minutes after he'd found the hook for his backpack, washed his hands and found some toys, he turned to me.

"You can go now Mummy."

I sighed. Relief. Nervousness. Joy.

Turns out he loves kinder, and can't wait to go back. But as I headed to the car holding back tears, I couldn't be sure he would.

Turns out, running errands for the few hours before I returned, sure was easier with just one child.

But these pictures will be the permanent memories of my eldest son going to his first day at kinder.

How was your child's first day at Kinder? And did you try anything new this week?

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