Friday, February 04, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... a week of firsts

It's been a week of firsts. Madison's first day at kinder, Noah's first swimming class (think: duck to water), I had just one child for a few blissful hours (while the other was at kinder), and it was my first week back at work. It's been a big one. But thanks to Maxabella Loves... I get to sit back, relax and reflect on the things I'm grateful for...
  1. Sea air and salt water. There's nothing more magical than going for swim, eating sandwiches, taking a ride on our boat, and going for a kneeboard. And even though it was just one day, it felt like a mini-holiday and we all came home tired, but feeling refreshed and happy. Oh, and a little sunburnt too.
  2. My girls. When I married my hubby, I had an instant family. Both Kelly and Leah flew in this week to spend time with us. And twelve years on, I still am blown away by these two gorgeous, unexpected and awesome blessings in my life. Oh, how I adore them. I even get teary thinking about it (in a happy and grateful way, of course). I'm proud to say I have the four most amazing children.
  3. Photographs and memories. With all these firsts, my head was spinning out a little about how quickly time has gone (can I just say that I give the bird in time's general direction?). This week I went through my photographs to remind me where the time has gone. And to remember how things were not that long ago.
Happy Grateful Day.