Saturday, February 12, 2011

fancy pants

The funniest thing happened today.

After our outing this morning, I kept my outfit on long enough to take some photographs in the late afternoon sun (better lighting, apparently). As I was taking them, a cool change came in. And then it was freezing (once again, thanks Melbourne). I quickly took these pics (thanks to my friend, the ironing board - must get a tripod one of these days) and headed inside.

Earlier, Hubby had suggested we take a walk. And knowing this after my 'photo shoot', I raced inside to change.

As we were walking, Hubby was full of his usual teasing humour. Now, he isn't really a big reader of my blog, but he has been asked to take the odd photo for this section. So it was quite hilarious when he made the following comments.

"I asked Fancy Pants if she'd like to take a walk.. not, um, you." He said as he looked at me wearing my tracky pants (yes, the ones covered in paint), sneakers and old jumper.

And then later on, "I think I should take a photo of the way you look now for your blog".

But it just goes to show you that there is a less fancy version of me that this household sees the other six days a week. Hmmm, perhaps Hubby is trying to tell me something...

But as my lovely friend Melody said, "I love his comment. He should realise, though, that while Fancy Pants may be hot, Daggy Pants can take longer walks with him due to the sensible nature of her footwear."

Too right, Melody.

And what about you? Where have you been so that you could get all Fancy Pants? Remember to link up and share the love...

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